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    Jul 2013

    Eunjung Shin

    eunjung-shin-001 eunjung-shin-002 eunjung-shin-003

    Abstract, absurd and very dark humour at times, Eunjung Shin’s work has that little spark of brilliance that sets it apart from others. And the detail! This is intricate work that has been painstakingly crafted. Eunjung Shin currently works as an artist and illustrator for Indivisualplay. Take a look at her Behance portfolio, and in particular I recommend the beautiful collection of work in the ‘Works of Indivisual Play’ section.

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    Apr 2013

    Fashion Fridays ~ Connie Lim

    connie-lim-001 connie-lim-002 connie-lim-003 connie-lim-004 connie-lim-005

    Connie Lim is of South Korean descent, but grew up in Los Angeles. She has studied at the world famous Central Saint Martins College of Design, and her work has been featured in publications and on several blogs online. Her playing card giclée prints are a real highlight in her canon, and I love her sketchbooks. Wonder on over and see for yourself…

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    Jan 2013

    Manga Mondays ~ Hawooe Hahn

    hawooe-hahn-01 hawooe-hahn-02 hawooe-hahn-03 hawooe-hahn-04

    This week’s Manga Mondays illustrator is Korean Concept Artist and Art Director Hawooe Hahn. Currently working for the video game giant, Nexon, his illustrations are always harmonious in colours and full of detail, and quite frankly, beautiful. You can see more of his work on his website, Tabaroki Navstavi.

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