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    Oct 2015

    Michael Cho

    michael-cho-01 michael-cho-02 michael-cho-03 michael-cho-05 michael-cho-04 michael-cho-06

    Michael Cho is an illustrator, comic artist and “occasional” writer. Born in Seoul, South Korea, he relocated to Canada at 6 years old. With an interest in illustration from a very early age, Cho drew all the time on whatever he could find. He attended and graduated from Ontario College of Art (and Design). After which he started his freelancing career.

    Cho divides his time between editorial work, making comics for clients and making comics for himself. Some of his clients include The New York Times, National Post, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Random House, Penguin Classics, and comic giants Marvel and DC Comics. His hard work has earned him Silver Canadian National Magazine Award, a Joe Shuster nomination and a story included in The Best American Comics 2010.

    In 2013, Drawn and Quarterly published a book of Cho’s hometown Toronto drawing called, Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes. More recently, saw the release of Cho’s debut graphic novel, Shoplifter, a New York Times BestSeller about “a young woman’s search for happiness and self-fulfillment in the big city”. Published by Pantheon Books, Shoplifter in esteemed company, alongside the likes of Maus, Persepolis and Habibi.

    Cho’s work is drawn with a combination of digital, watercolour, goauche and ink and makes good use of a limited pallet. His comic illustrations are made up of two colours and even his commissioned work, more often than not, stays within four colours. The limitation creates contrast and guides your eyes instantly to the important element on the page. Also, using one colour for a crowd and another for a protagonist creates a wonderful divide, highlighting uniqueness or isolation. Something Cho uses to great effect for Shoplifter.

    Find more of Michael Cho’s work on his website and be sure to follow him on Twitter.

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    Sep 2015

    Manga Mondays ~ Laphet

    laphet-01 laphet-02 laphet-03 laphet-04 laphet-05 laphet-06

    Laphet is a professional digital artist from South Korea. Upon first looking at her work you may mistakenly liken it for a more realistic version of Mabel Lucie Attwell. However, upon a second reading it is clear Laphet’s illustrations substitute to “cute” for the “creepy”.

    Large-eyed children often look straight at you. Instead of having a dead stare at is usual for invoking eeriness, Laphet’s characters clearly have their cogs turning, as if they are plotting against you, the viewer. Uncomfortable, yes, but beautiful nonetheless.

    You can find more of Laphet’s work on her DeviantArt page, and her more recently launched Tumblr.

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    Jul 2014

    Manga Mondays ~ Jung Myung Lee

    jung-myung-lee-01 jung-myung-lee-02 jung-myung-lee-03 jung-myung-lee-04 jung-myung-lee-05 jung-myung-lee-06

    Jung Myung Lee aka Rupid 79 is Korean fantasy artist. You may recognise his work from his contributions to the hugely successful card battle game, Legend of the Cryptids. His art subsequently features in the Legend of Monsters Official Art Book (Japanese Language).

    Jung Myung Lee’s artwork is full of action and full of intricate details. They are multi-layered, rarely using less than three planes. Even when he strips away elements his illustrations are still more detailed than most.

    There was once a Rupid 79 page in each of the illustrative corners of the internet, but they all seem to have disappeared. I have managed to dig up a couple places that he is still using (for now at least). Check out his DrawCrowd page, and for those of you versed in Korean, he has a blog too.

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    Jul 2013

    Eunjung Shin

    eunjung-shin-001 eunjung-shin-002 eunjung-shin-003

    Abstract, absurd and very dark humour at times, Eunjung Shin’s work has that little spark of brilliance that sets it apart from others. And the detail! This is intricate work that has been painstakingly crafted. Eunjung Shin currently works as an artist and illustrator for Indivisualplay. Take a look at her Behance portfolio, and in particular I recommend the beautiful collection of work in the ‘Works of Indivisual Play’ section.

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    Apr 2013

    Fashion Fridays ~ Connie Lim

    connie-lim-001 connie-lim-002 connie-lim-003 connie-lim-004 connie-lim-005

    Connie Lim is of South Korean descent, but grew up in Los Angeles. She has studied at the world famous Central Saint Martins College of Design, and her work has been featured in publications and on several blogs online. Her playing card giclée prints are a real highlight in her canon, and I love her sketchbooks. Wonder on over and see for yourself…

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