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  1. Competition ~ Win Your Artwork as a Screen Print to be Exhibited at Pick Me Up 2016


    To celebrate their inclusion in this year’s Pick Me Up – the annual graphic arts festival held at London’s historic Somerset House, screen printing studio and publisher 3rd Rail Ltd are offering one person the chance to win their 3 colour artwork as an edition of 25 hand pulled screen prints. The winner will also have their entry shown at Pick Me Up within the 3rd Rail exhibition space.

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  2. Mr. Penfold Show London

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    I’m very excited about Mr. Penfold’s solo show in lively Camden Town next week! It runs from the 1st to the 4th of August. If you are in London during this time, pop in and show some support! Here’s a press release for the show:

    The highly anticipated debut London show for Mr. Penfold is finally here, Thursday 1st August is the date to save. Showcasing new works from the artist, the series will feature new paintings on three materials: wood, canvas and paper. The work sees Penfold delve deeper into his love for both abstract art and graffiti, a fusion which the artist has been developing and nurturing over his career.

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  3. Alé Mercado

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    Wonderful varied work from Illustrators Ireland and The Association of Illustrators member, Alé Mercado. His work is created completely digitally, however, takes influence from traditional printmaking techniques. His projects mainly consist of music or film culture, but approaches them by drawing influences from a wide range of sources. I love the assortment of styles that Mr. Mercado’s produces, and though I do feel some techniques are more successful than others, his fortitude to explore them for all to see has to be commended. Check out Mr. Mercado website and flickr page for more of his work.

  4. Peskimo

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    Jodie and David have been working under the name of Peskimo since 2004. Since they started working together, the duo have created a series of toys for Kid Robot, their creations have appeared on t-shirts, billboards, in newspapers, magazines and more. Thier fun and friendly style has won over big clients such as Sony, Barclays, MTV, BBC and Vodafone.

    Peskimo contacted us a short while ago to tell us about their ‘Special Brews’ prints.

    “We have just launched a new set of fine art screenprints featuring illustrations of 4 different tea varieties. They all feature animals / creatures and the prints are hand printed in 4 and 6 colours. We are fascinated by vintage packaging and we thought that the range of tea varieties a great world in which to explore this.”

    They look great, so thanks for getting in touch!

  5. Eric Nyffeler aka Doe Eyed

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    Eric’s visual style mixes bright colours, simple shapes, gritty textures and bold typography. His screen-printed gig posters are absolutely stunning, well worth the simple click over to his ‘Doe Eyed’ website, where you’ll also find some nice branding, illustrations, t-shirts and more.

    “Doe Eyed is a design studio that knows a thing or two about simple shapes, fuzzy textures, bright colors, patterns that make your eyes vibrate, bad jokes, and the occasional dirty drawing.”

    Head on over!

  6. Kirsten Rothbart

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    Rock, rebels and angst seems to summarise the subjects of German illustrator Kirsten Rothbart. Her work feels very raw and energetic, her lines look as if they were done in one go, and her colour treatment give her illustrations a bygone feel. Also, I have to express my appreciation of her spectacularly exaggerated angular chins. You can find more of Kirsten Rothbart’s work on her tumblr.