“sao paulo”

  1. Leo Gibran

    I wish I could tell you how I first stumbled on Leo Gibran’s work, but I simply cannot remember. However, that should not stop me from singing his praises. Mr Gibran is a working illustrator, based in são paulo, Brazil, predominately in fields of advertising and editorial.

  2. João Ruas

    João Ruas’s atmospheric and ever so haunting illustrations are without doubt, sensational. Hailing from São Paulo, Ruas works as a freelance illustrator/artist, creating original artwork, prints, and books. He does make time to produce some commercial work, including covers for the excellent DC’s Fables series. Here is a wonderful quote from his website by Amanda Erlanson that offers great insights into his work:

  3. Pedro Conti

    Humorous and highly skilled work from 3D illustrator Pedro Conti. Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil he is currently working as lead artist at Techno image. With a portfolio filled with expressive,larger than life illustrations it is no surprise that Mr. Conti has won a Cgchoice Award, CgHub Gold Award, and a 3DTotal Excellence Award…multiple times. You can check out more of his portfolio here on his website.