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    Sep 2015

    Manga Mondays ~ Ilya Kuvshinov

    ilya-kuvshinov-01 ilya-kuvshinov-02 ilya-kuvshinov-03 ilya-kuvshinov-04 ilya-kuvshinov-05

    Ilya Kuvshinov is an illustrator and storyboard artist originally from Moscow, Russia, but whom currently resides in Yokohama, Japan. Much of his personal work consists of pin-ups influenced by video games and film. Beautifully and sensitively rendered, Kuvshinov is able to paint alluring female characters without the need to sexualise them (for the most part).

    His artwork has amassed a large and loyal fanbase which is evident when looking at his Patreon page. Currently, 827 patrons are supporting Kuvshinov with a healthy $3,821.36 per week. Allow me to pick up my jaw before I continue.

    Kuvshinov also posts process videos and animations to his YouTube and Vimeo channels. A few months ago he posted a wonderful fan letter in the form of an animation for his favorite manga Sing Yesterday for Me, which you can watch here.

    Find more of Ilya Kuvshinov’s work on his DeviantArt page and keep up-to-date with him on Facebook.

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    Oct 2013

    Kozhevnikov Yuriy

    kozhevnikov-yuriy-001 kozhevnikov-yuriy-002 kozhevnikov-yuriy-003

    Kozhevnikov Yuriy is a Russian creative with all kinds of aesthetic skills, so his illustrations are often an amalgamation of different techniques. Photo-manipulation plays a big role in his work, along with 3D and digital painting, often coming together to create strange realities. If you visit his portfolio, you’ll also find website design, logo and identity work, advertising and more.

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    Aug 2013

    Aleksey Litvishkov

    aleksey-litvishkov-001 aleksey-litvishkov-002 aleksey-litvishkov-003 aleksey-litvishkov-004

    Fantasy artist Aleksey Litvishkov has some stunning pieces on his website. His funny side often comes through in his work, which is so great to see. After all, not so many artists would go through the effort to create such beautiful pieces for the sake of a gag. But why not? I think it adds to the humour!

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    Jul 2013

    Fashion Fridays ~ Lena Ker

    lena-ker-001 lena-ker-002 lena-ker-003 lena-ker-004

    Russian fashion illustrator Lena Ker uses watercolour paint so delicately, yet still manages to bring attention to the finest details in a garment whilst creating eye-catching pieces. Her accessory illustrations are just as inviting as those with people pictured. I also particularly like the way her work looks in print, as editorials; it sits so beautifully next to the text.

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    Jun 2013

    Manga Mondays ~ HonkFu

    honkfu-001 honkfu-002 honkfu-003 honkfu-004 honkfu-005

    HonkFu is a visual development studio based in Moscow, Russia. They work in a wide range of styles, primarily in comics and animation. Their animated project ‘JAM’ looks beautiful, fun and atmospheric so that’s one to look forward to. Here’s a bit about it:

    JAM tells a story that takes place in a completely fictional universe, and yet seems strangely familiar. If you have a princess in your life — she will undoubtedly get kidnapped one day, If you eat a mushroom — you’ll most surely grow in size. And at the end of any road you take, there’s a vicious boss ready to test your might. So grab your favorite controller, press start and join the game!

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