1. Laurent Durieux

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    Belgium illustrator Laurent Durieux is best known for his retro-inspired movie posters. His work has graced the cover of The New Yorker, the sleeve of a Criterion Collection DVD, and the walls of Mondo gallery.

    Laurent Durieux worked for two decades as a designer and teacher, relatively unknown outside outside of Brussels. That all changed after he contributed a piece, François à l’Americaine, for a show celebrating the French director, Jacques Tati. This led to Mr Laurent being selected as one of the top 200 illustrators by Lürzer’s Archive magazine.

    In 2011 Laurent Durieux released a short animated film, Hellville, which was shown at various film festivals and earned him and his team a Gold Hugo Award nomination.

    To see more of Mr Durieux outstanding work check out his website and flickr page.

  2. Kevin Mercer

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    Continuing with our designer/illustrator theme, I present the work of Kevin Mercer. As a freelancer Mr Mercer’s past projects include advertising, editorial illustration, book illustration, brand strategy, logo design, packaging and hand drawn type. On top of freelancing he is now teaching Illustration at The University of the Arts.

    Mercer’s combines ink drawings with collage and digital elements. The work is very stripped down, but built up with layers of texture. All the while retaining a handmade feel. His colour choices are fantastic too, they aid the technique and help sell the intentional vintage-looking pieces.

    You can see more of Kevin Mercer’s work on his website, The Large Mammal.

  3. Leighton Hickman

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    Leighton Hickman currently works at Dreamworks Animation as a visual development artist. But he also teaches, mentors and is a dab-hand at landscapes. He worked on ‘The Croods’, Dreamworks’ latest animated movie on show. If you visit his website, you’ll see his excellent paintings, which full of rough brush marks yet still feel true to life. You can see the 50’s animation influence in his striking character designs, which are superb. Pop over to his website and have a look at the incredible versatility and top-drawer talent Leighton has on display.

  4. Fashion Fridays ~ Monique Jivram

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    The first thing you’ll notice about Monique Jivram’s illustrations would probably be the striking lines often created by using hand and machine embroidery. She draws on inspiration from nostalgic objects, overheard conversations and her Latin American roots.

    “The use of commonplace objects throughout the work prompts a sense of familiarity and recollections. The work taps into a universal visual language and communication of objects through prior experiences.”

    Clients include The Big Issue, The National Alzheimer’s Society and Ameilia’s Magazine.

  5. Roxanne Daner

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    Roxanne Daner is based in Los Angeles, where she works as Lead Designer for Ludlow Kingsley. Her excellent design skills are very apparent, but for me her illustrations are the show-stopper in her arsenal. She has a unique, intelligent retro style. It is versatile enough to be used for all kinds of projects, from children’s books to product skins and editorial purposes to boot.