“product design”

  1. Lydia Nichols

    Philadelphia-based Lydia Nichols is a illustrator, typographer, designer, and teacher (and anthropomorphizer). After an intern at Pixar, Ms Nichols started freelancing. Some of her notable clients including Bloomberg Businessweek, Chronicle Books, Google UK and MailChimp. She has also taught at MICA and Moore, as well a providing a class for Skillshare.

  2. Robert Ryan a.k.a. Mister Rob

    Robert is based in trendy East London, a hub of graffiti art and creative goings on. Mister Rob has has his illustrations appear on all sorts of items, from cushions to vases to umbrellas. His style is very adaptable as it is usually a carefully chosen limited colour palette (often one colour), used to  create a simple, decorative style with hand drawn typography. I’m a fan!