1. Camilla d’Errico Designs Surrealist Eyewear Collection

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    Online eyewear retailer, Coastal, recently got in touch to tell us about a series of eyeglass frames that Camilla d’Errico has designed with Derek Cardigan exclusively for Coastal.com.

    Famed Vancouver manga artist Camilla d’Errico is known for blending contradictory themes like the natural and the mechanical, the melancholy and the elation. She was tasked with whittling down her extensive portfolio into just four images to complement the vintage aesthetic of Derek Cardigan. The four final images are Xiomara, Water Wheel, Neo New York, and Loveless Bird. To accompany the frames, Coastal.com has released four signed mini print.

    You find out more about the collection here. You can see more of Camilla d’Errico’s work on her website.

  2. Fashion Fridays ~ Bec Winnel

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    Bec Winnel in an i llustrator from Mount Beauty, Australia. Her stunning portraits have been featured in multiple exhibitions and publications. Often in isolation, Winnel’s women are accompanied by elements of nature. Their sensual and carefree auras exalt the feminine spirit.

    Winnel recieved a diploma in graphic design and art from Swinburne University in Melbourne. For a long time she worked as a graphic designer, while at night, she worked on developing her illustrations. Since making the switch to a full-time freelance illustrator, Winnel has worked with big names, Kookai, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Stylist, Este Lauder, Twinings and Wrangler. She has said a perticular joy of being a commercial illustrator is when she is pushed to work outside her comfort zone.

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  3. Fashion Fridays ~ Connie Lim

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    Connie Lim is of South Korean descent, but grew up in Los Angeles. She has studied at the world famous Central Saint Martins College of Design, and her work has been featured in publications and on several blogs online. Her playing card giclée prints are a real highlight in her canon, and I love her sketchbooks. Wonder on over and see for yourself…

  4. Zak Doodle

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    Zak Doodle is a children’s illustrator from Greece. She really knows how to lose herself in her mark making. Her creations are beautiful in their naiveté; they depict an unspoilt innocence that children possess and we tend to lose as we get older and are influenced more and more by our surroundings.

    Visit Zak’s Facebook page to see more of her work. She also has an Etsy shop and you can read an interview with her on the Milly and Friends website.

  5. Ricardo Bessa

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    Ricardo is from Portugal and now lives in London. He works at D&AD, the famous creative hub home to the famous Yellow Pencil award. On Ricardo’s website you’ll find some excellent projects, both personal and professional. His Gallery of Mo portraits are fun, and I highly recommend taking a look at ‘Ever After’, his MA final project. I like the often whimsical and sometimes provocative nature of his work, so of course we were delighted to receive this suggestion. Now, wonder on over and gasp in delight at the rest of Ricardo’s portfolio…

  6. Kozyndan

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    Kozyndan is the super-star duo comprised of husband-and-wife Kozue (Kozy) and Dan Kitchens. Their work came into prominence in the early noughties, around the time when the illustration industry was getting new gusto and gaining more media prominence. Their prints were very popular in boutique art and book stores. It was in just such a stores where their beautifully detailed and absurd panoramics first caught my eye. Since then Kozyndan has gone from strength-to-strength, partaking in regular exhibitions, putting out a range of products, diversifying in style, and all the while picking more and more fans along the way.

    The duo seem particularly social and you can find out more about them by visiting their website, tumblr, instagram, and flickr.

  7. PJ McQuade

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    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, now would be a good time to order gifts and cards. For anyone who’s into Star Wars, PJ’s ‘Yoda Cupid’ card could be just what you’re looking for…If not, PJ also has some fantastic giclee prints available, such as his Brigitte Bardot.

    Thanks for getting in touch, PJ.