1. Cristian Grossi

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    Cristian Grossi is a graphic designer, illustrator and fabric designer from Italy. Some of his designs can be very minimal, yet others are intricate and crammed from of details. His vibrant colours and clean vector style line work are what epitomise his visual creations. The abstract nature of his designs can be hypnotic, strange and disturbing, in the best sense of the word.

  2. Belinda Strong

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    Bee is from Melbourne, Australia. She’s a whiz at creating simple, bright, cute characters and patterns that find their way onto cushions, fabrics, greetings cards and more! Looking through her blog, you’ll find a master class in self-branding. It’s also evident that she lives and breathes this brand (baking cakes, making jam, gardening and collecting buttons). This is a good platform to sell her own products and it’s always reassuring to approach an illustrator whose style is consistent; that way you know what to expect.

    Visit the Little Beehive, Belinda’s website. 

  3. Fernanda Frick

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    Animator and illustrator Fernanda Frick is from Santiago, Chile. She has lots of lovely work on her website including comic strips, animation, thumb-cinema (flip books!) and all sorts of illustrations. She probably draws the cutest bunny rabbits I’ve ever seen, so that puts her right up there in my book! If you’re a vegetarian, you may enjoy her student film ‘Rabbit Stew’ in the animation section…

  4. Miriam Bos

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    I love Miriam’s fun style, full of bright colours and big smiles. Her pattern work is beautiful and is available to buy as fabrics and wallpaper from her Spoonflower Shop. She also creates ‘Doodle Strips’, a sort of online sketchy comic but without the separation of boxes. To be honest, I’m not completely sure it works as it isn’t in English (but I hope it reads well as it looks amazing and very inventive)! Her website is definitely worth the extra little click to get to. She has lots of work, freebies and more. So if you like what you see here, head on over…