“oxford university press”

  1. Charlene Chua

    Charlene Chua grew up in Singapore, and her creative career began in website design, later moving into graphic design and interactive design. In 2003 she started pursuing a career in illustration, and by 2006 she made it her full-time occupation. She has worked with clients from all over the world, including Google,  The Wall Street Journal, Konami and Oxford University Press.

  2. Hazel Adams

    Hazel is a UK based wildlife illustrator with a real passion for the natural world. Her work is rich in detail, and she seems comfortable tackling challenging creatures such as fish and birds, insects and…anything for that matter!

  3. Mandy Pritty

    After graduating in Fashion & Textile Design in 1988, Mandy Pritty worked in the fashion industry for several years as a designer. She then made the move into her true love, painting and illustration. It turned out to be a wise decision; she’s been illustrating professionally for the past 15 years!

  4. David Broadbent

    Thanks to Stanley Hooper for notifying us Fellows at The Lounge about David Broadbent’s new website. We’re awfully glad he did, as it’s a beautiful hive of creation. David’s editorial and advertising work is extensive and brilliant. But then there’s the added bonus material; lettering and pattern work which are just as impressive. Ten years of professional work have been streamlined and carefully selected, as all good portfolios should be presented.