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    Apr 2013

    Christi du Toit

    christi-du-toit-001 christi-du-toit-002 christi-du-toit-003 christi-du-toit-004 christi-du-toit-005

    Christi du Toit is a graphic design student and self taught illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa. He creates some excellent illustrated CD skins. I like the humorous style, and a lot of his works are almost like very polished doodles; they are very playful with elements weaving in and out of each other. Take a look at his Behance page, or alternatively his Dribbble page for more.

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    Feb 2013

    ‘Rockheads’ by Marc-Antoine Herrmann

    marc-antoine-herrmann-001 marc-antoine-herrmann-002 marc-antoine-herrmann-003 marc-antoine-herrmann-004

    ‘Rockheads’ is a stunning collection of minimalist portraits of musicians created using bold colours and vector graphics. Their creator Marc-Antoine Herrmann says about the work:

    “Fifty rockstars – for the moment – a very personal choice, based on my tastes for artists who have – at least for me – something remarkable…from Arcade Fire to John Lennon and moving to Adele, REM, Chuck Berry, Jarvis Cocker, Oasis, Paul Weller, Serge Gainsbourg, Radiohead, Moby and the White Stripes…

    ROCKHEADS is my way of depicting the musicians: sleek graphics and powerful colors. The minimalist line captures the essence of the personality of the artists. A look, a smile and sometimes a small reference to the history of the musician and you are eager to (re) explore the world and the songs of the artist. Harmonies of two or three colors echo the musical universe of the musician and give the designs an extra energy.”

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    Dec 2012

    Status Serigraph aka Justin Helton

    justin-helton-001 justin-helton-002 justin-helton-003 justin-helton-004

    Justin Helton is a graphic designer/illustrator specialising in design for the music industry. He is probably best known for his excellent gig posters, which usually comprise of quite detailed illustrations, beautiful typesetting and are all printed by hand. Justin works from Knoxville, Tennessee, creating work for bands such as Phish, The Avett Brothers, The Black Keys and festivals such as Bonnaroo and Outside Lands. Visit his stylish website to see more.

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    Apr 2012

    Hagop Der Hagopian Tlapanco

    hagop-der-hagopian-tlapanco-001 hagop-der-hagopian-tlapanco-002 hagop-der-hagopian-tlapanco-003

    How about a bit of portraiture today? Mexican illustrator Hagop Der Hagopian Tlapanco has some really punchy caricature style portraits on his website. He works mainly in coloured pencils to excellent effect. He studied graphic design and illustration at the National Arts School (ENAP) in Mexico City, where he currently resides.     

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    Oct 2011

    Aaron Jasinski

    Aaron-Jasinski-01 Aaron-Jasinski-02 Aaron-Jasinski-03 Aaron-Jasinski-05

    Aaron Jasinski is a musical illustrator / painter who resides near Seattle Washington with his wife and 4 children. As well as his more personal work, he illustrates children’s books, album covers and even creates his own electronic music. His ultra colourful paintings often “feature musical and nostalgic themes peppered with social commentary and whimsical creatures (think morose hipsters mingling with monkeys in space suits).”

    His work has featured across the United States and Europe, see more here.

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