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    Mar 2014

    Emma Ríos

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    Spanish born illustrator, Emma Ríos, was a practising architect before she made the transition into comics. Starting off, as many do these day, by self-publishing a miniseries called A Prueba de Balas [Bulletproof]. Ríos’ self-published work and her contributions to fanzines caught the attention of Warren Ellis, who posted her work on his website, which in turn grabbed the attention of Matt Gagnon, offering Ríos a full miniseries at Boom! Studios.

    That miniseres was Hexed, which was released in 2009. Now, with multiple titles under her belt, including a few for Marvel Comics (Dr. Strange: Season One, Osborn, Runaways), Ríos is working on an original ongoing series called Pretty Deadly. Published by Image Comics, the series is notable for multiple reasons, not least its all-female creative team (hello 21st century…we have arrived).

    You can see lots of Emma Ríos’ work on her flickr.

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    Feb 2014

    Tom Fowler

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    Continuing our unsolicited Canadian courtship I present to you Thomas W. H. Fowler. Hailing from Ottawa (Canada), and kicking around the comic circuit for a number of years, his previous published works include Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, Venom, Green Arrow, Grendel, Star Wars: Jango Fett and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. Not forgetting he was also a regular contributor to Comic Twart.

    Mr. Fowler is magnificent with inks and a brush. I particularly revel seeing his scans before the lines are made a solid black, as he consciously uses a variety of hues. You can find more of Mr. Fowler’s work on his blog, BLARG!

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    May 2013

    J. Scott Campbell

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    Jeffrey Scott Campbell is a comic book artist and one third of Cliffhanger founders. He got his first big break at Image Comics, working under the WildStorm imprint with creators Jim Lee and Brandon Choi on Gen¹³. Mr. Campbell remained at WildStorm developing series such as Dv8 and much later a Thundercats mini series, as well as the short-lived series, Wildsiderz.

    Above all of these great titles, I think Mr. Campbell really sealed his place in the comic industry history books when he released the Cliffhanger series, Danger Girl. It was an indulgent spy thriller packed with action, humour, sexy women and Sean-Connery-type men. Basically the series played to all his strength’s and it was a huge hit.

    More recently, Mr. Campbell seems to focus on cover artwork, including a popular run on The Amazing Spider-Man, and pin-ups. A Spider-Man series with writer Jeph Loeb was on the cards, but as yet nothing has surfaced. It definitely would be nice to see him working on a series again. Check out more of his recent work on his deviantArt page.

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    Mar 2013

    Kent Williams

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    Presenting the formidable talent of Kent Williams. Working simultaneously as a painter and as a graphic novel artist (amongst other pursuits), he has been contributing to comics since the the early 80s. In 2005 he worked with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky to create The Fountain graphic novel. His expressive brush work attentively combine realism and abstraction. Often in dream-like surrounding, his central characters largely seem to be mid-narrative. I have always seen a strong Egon Schiele influence in Williams’ work, which is especially evident when looking at his pencil work. Keep up-to-date with Williams by checking out his website and blog.

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    Feb 2013

    Manga Mondays ~ Benjamin Zhang Bin

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    Beijing-based Benjamin Zhang Bin is a comic artist best known for his brightly coloured painted style. He gained popularity in the west due to his stunning cover work for Marvel Comic’s titles X-Men Origins: Emma Frost and New Mutants. He has also written and illustrated manhuas including Orange (2006) and Remember (2004). Not your typical black and white manhua style, it often takes Benjamin much longer to produce work, with Orange rumouring to have taken three years to produce. See more of his illustrations over on his blog.

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