Marvel Comics

  1. Jana Schirmer

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    Jana Schirmer is a freelance artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. She was inspired to pick up a pencil at a young age after watching the Sailor Moon anime. Though her work does occasionally exhibit an affection for anime and manga, the bulk of it is very much grounded in realism. Schirmer’s portfolio is filled with still-life studies and portraiture. Observing the real-world, honing traditional skills, in order to make her fantasy artwork more convincing.

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  2. Tom Whalen

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    Tom Whalen is an American Illustrator and Designer. You may already recognise his work from Mondo or Gallery 1988. Whalen’s gamut does not start nor end there, having worked with an incredible array of Clients.

    Fuelled from a young age by a love of comic artist Todd McFarlane, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby. Whalen took that passion to University with him, where after being introduced to the graphic design acumen of Saul Bass, Milton Glaser and Jan Tschichold, he found his voice. Ever since, he consciously implements both illustration and graphic design elements equally. Wielding one harmonious and cohesive visual language.

    In addition to the interplay of typography and illustration, and his limited colour palettes, possibly the most notable aspect of Whalen’s work is his use of rigid geometric shapes. Rarely using just one background scene, if any, he experiments with the interaction characters and objects. Seamlessly merging one part into another to form layered, intricate, and compelling compositions.

    These elements and more have given Whalen a enduring career, nearing 20 years, and granted him the chance to work on exciting projects for Disney, Lucasfilm, Paramount, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, The Misfits and The Beatles.

    You can see more of Tom Whalen’s work on his website, pick up one of his print from his shop, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

  3. Amy Reeder

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    Amy Reeder is a comic artist and writer, probably best known for her creator-owned series, Rocket Girl. She actually earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Science Teaching before being discovered by Tokyopop. After entering Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga competition, Reeder was selected to write and illustrate Fool’s Gold. She has since illustrated for Vertigo, and DC Comics on Madame Xanadu, and Batwoman.

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  4. Lucy Knisley

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    Lucy Knisley is an award-winning American comic creator, probably best known for her graphic novel, Relish.

    Born 1985 in New York, Knisley was avid reader of comics from a young age. Instead of following in her mother’s culinary footsteps, Knisley decided to move to Chicago to study at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She moved again, this time to Vermont, to study Fine Art at the Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS).

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  5. Dan DeCarlo (1916 – 2001)

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    Daniel S. DeCarlo was an illustrator and comics artist best know for his work with Archie Comics. DeCarlo grew up in a poor neighbourhood of New Rochelle, New York but dreamed of becoming an illustrator like his hero, Norman Rockwell. Young DeCarlo attended the New Rochelle High School and upon graduating, he actually phoned Rockwell to discuss his university options. Inevitably, DeCarlo enrolled in the same university that Rockwell’s once attended, the Manhattan’s Art Students League.

    After three years at art school, in 1941 DeCarlo was drafted for World War II. Stationed in Great Britain, he originally served in the 8th Air Force worked. However, once his artistic skills were quickly noticed and he was assigned to the drafting department. There he designed posters and advertisements, as well as drawing the weekly military comic strip. DeCarlo also painted cartoon mascots on the nosecones of fighter planes. Whilst overseas he went on a blind date with a Belgium girl called Josette Dumont. She would later become his wife and a source of inspiration.

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  6. Robbi Rodriguez

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    With the release of the anticipated Marvel title Spider-Gwen nearly upon us, I thought now was a great time to feature American Designer and Cartoonist, Robbi Rodriguez.

    With just over a decade of making comics, Rodriguez in that time has worked on a host of great titles including his creator-own title Frankie, get your gun, Vertigo’s FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics, Image’s Night Club, 24seven (Vol.2), Hazed and Oni Press titles Tek Jansen, Maintenance and Polly and the Pirates (Vol.2).

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  7. The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman

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    Scanning the bookshelves in our offices for some inspiration on an artist to feature for today’s post, Book one of “The Walking Dead” by Robert Kirkman leaped out at me. I just can’t believe that we have yet to write up a feature for this great and current comic book.

    (If you don’t already know) The Walking Dead is a huge franchise published by Image Comics and is one of the most successful comic series of our generation spanning a dedicated TV show (currently airing around the globe), toys & merchandise.

    Robert Kirkman is also best known for “Invincible”, “Battle Pope” and his multitude of collaborations across Marvel and Image comics including “Marvel Zombies”, “Haunt” and “Ultimate X-Men”. Kirkman helped breathe new life into the fledgling comics book industry when he first broke on to the scene and has helped inspire and develop a new generation.

    Robert Kirkman we salute you!