1. Fashion Fridays ~ Fernando Vicente

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    Fernando Vicente is such a talented, versatile illustrator that it would probably take ten posts on The Lounge to cover his abilities. But to summarise, he specialises in fashion illustration, children’s illustration, pin-ups, technical illustrations, maps and caricatures. Some of his finest work depicts pin-up girls with segments of their inner anatomy displayed. Visit his website, or alternatively his Behance page to see more.

  2. Lianne Harrison

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    Lianne Harrison is from the Malvern Hills, and now works from London. Most of her illustrations use a collage technique, and she also makes great use of her handwriting to give her work a unique feel. She’s created book jackets, illustrated maps and some great editorial illustrations. Clients include GQ Magazine, Spiral Productions and The Vegan Society. She was shortlisted for The Penguin Design Award in 2009 and in 2011 her work was selected by The Association of Illustrators to exhibit at the London Transport Museum. Visit her website to see more…

  3. Peskimo

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    Jodie and David have been working under the name of Peskimo since 2004. Since they started working together, the duo have created a series of toys for Kid Robot, their creations have appeared on t-shirts, billboards, in newspapers, magazines and more. Thier fun and friendly style has won over big clients such as Sony, Barclays, MTV, BBC and Vodafone.

    Peskimo contacted us a short while ago to tell us about their ‘Special Brews’ prints.

    “We have just launched a new set of fine art screenprints featuring illustrations of 4 different tea varieties. They all feature animals / creatures and the prints are hand printed in 4 and 6 colours. We are fascinated by vintage packaging and we thought that the range of tea varieties a great world in which to explore this.”

    They look great, so thanks for getting in touch!

  4. Federico Mariani

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    Federico Mariani is an Italian illustrator, toy designer and graphic designer. I like his minimalist toys, which use just simple shapes, nice colours and interesting facial expressions. His illustrations include infographics, maps, children’s books and more. Clients include Mondadori Ragazzi, Edizioni EL, Editoriale Scienza, Grani & Partners/Preziosi Collection, Big & Small Peluches, and Ellepi baby apparel.

  5. Deanna Halsall

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    Deanna creates some really interesting editorial illustrations in a retro style that’s all her own. Her work is often very clever, sending a clear message that’s easy to understand. The illustrated map she created for Beefeater Gin stands out as a really beautiful piece of work and there is a lot of strong illustration to be found on Deanna’s website.

    “Her work stems from a love of nature, birds, beards, pens, nice hair, nostalgia, super mario, screen prints, the colour yellow and collecting old stuff usually found in her parents’ attic.”

    Deanna’s clients include NBC America, Umbro and The Eden Project. She is currently based in the UK.