“lucas arts”

  1. Manga Mondays ~ Alina Chau

    Now the sensational work of Alina Chau did have us saying, “it’s nice, but is it manga?”. Well, after a hearty discussion we settled on, “yes”. Her work draws inspiration from various western genres, and though it doesn’t have the familiar conventions of modern manga, it definitely has a heavy influence from traditional Japanese art, harking back to manga’s origins. Ignoring the categorisation of Chau’s work, what is not debatable is the skill it oozes. Keep up to date with her work on her blog.

  2. Mike Butkus

    The work on Mike’s portfolio website is as vast as it is impressive. He has worked on over 2,500 films in various roles such as set design, character design and creating movie posters. He created hundreds of characters for Lucasfilms’ Shadow of the Empire. That must have kept him busy for a while! Mike has also taught character design and visual development to industry professionals and art students alike.

  3. Mojo Art Blog: The Unofficial LucasArts Gallery

    I was looking through our blog and realised that we do not have enough pixel art. Then I remembered back to the great point and click games I used to love playing when I was younger.  Who remembers the great games put out by LucasArts such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Sam & Max and Grim Fandango? Well, the Mojo Art Blog has a good general collection of artwork, videos, fan art and more. They also have a credits list for the games, so you can see who was involved. Don’t expect the nicest looking website in the world, but do expect a great little archive of content.