“life drawing”

  1. Illustrator’s Diary: December Events and Exhibitions

    December is just around the corner and the frosty weather is almost certainly convincing you to stay indoors, wrap up, sit back with a good (comic) book and a warm toddy. But, if you are looking for another way to warm the cockles of your heart, here are some of the events and exhibitions that we think are worth braving the cold for.

  2. Proko TV by Stan Prokopenko

    Proko is a very inspiring resource of instructional videos by artist Stan Prokopenko. I have been watching heaps of it lately. Each video is filled with tips playfully presented by Mr. Prokopenko. Overall they serve as a great introduction to life drawing, and an encouragement to keep practising the fundamentals. What are you waiting for? Go subscribe to his YouTube Channel now!

  3. Francis Vallejo

    I remember one of my university tutors saying, “if you can illustrate realistically you will always be in demand.” Well, Francis Vallejo has mastered realism and is one very busy illustrator. He is consistently working on personal and commercial projects, as well as teaching at The Art Department. His clients include Playboy, Snapple, ImagineFX, and has been published in Spectrum, Totoro Forest Project book, and Dolor. What I think I really admire more then the anatomic accuracy is the expression and energy he manages to bring into his work. The best place to find out more about Mr. Vallejo is over on his blog.

  4. Jess Douglas

    Jess Douglas is currently based in Lyme Regis, but grew up on party island Ibiza. Jess mainly creates drawings from life, with a splash of personal style thrown into the mix. This is a person who I imagine carries a sketchbook around all over the place, ever improving. Probably as a direct result of this, cars, buildings and people make up the majority of Jess’ portfolio. It is like a mini-document of urban culture, which is fascinating to me. I wonder why the illustrator chose to draw this particular building over another for example. There seems to be something interesting about every subject chosen and that comes through to us, the viewer.

  5. Erika Meza

    Erika is a graphic designer by trade, but what a natural talent for drawing she has! She seems to post very regularly on her blog, which is full of her latest works. There are all sorts of techniques going on, from painting to drawing from life to graffiti and so on. This girl loves to draw…