1. jun-kumaori-01

    Manga Mondays ~ Jun Kumaori

    Jun Kumaori, aka ‘KMR’ and ‘Jun Ayafuya,’ is a Japanese artist based in Kyoto. Her paintings place solitary students in everyday surroundings. Kumaori adds an element of escapism to her sombre-toned portrayal of youngsters using an impressionist-influenced painting style.

  2. hikari-shimoda-01

    Manga Mondays ~ Hikari Shimoda

    Japanese artist Hikari Shimoda is known for her beguiling portraits. Her pastel colours and irasuto style disarm you right before they leave you a feeling disconcerted. Lying just under their cute facade, you find Shimoda’s solitary starry-eyed children are a personification of modern society’s struggles.

  3. harumi-yamaguchi-01

    Fashion Fridays ~ Harumi Yamaguchi

    Harumi Yamaguchi is a seminal Japanese artist, whose illustrations evoked female equality in an era of great political and social reforms. When she embarked on her career, in the early 1970s, Yamaguchi was the only eminent illustrator working with the airbrush medium.

  4. loundraw-01

    Manga Mondays ~ loundraw

    loundraw is a manga artist from Japan. Working predominantly digitally, using Adobe Photoshop and PaintTool SAI. He has recently launched a serialised manga called Be.Be.. Written by Mark Rosen and Robert Underwood, episode one can be found on Global Manga Collection.

  5. keiko-takemiya-01

    Manga Mondays ~ Keiko Takemiya

    If you follow the Illustrator’s Lounge on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen us mention the latest exhibition being held at the House of Illustration, Shojo Manga: The World of Japanese Girls’ Comics. Shojo is manga aimed at a teenage female readership (shojo literally means “young woman”). Shojo Manga will be the first major exhibition of the genre in the UK. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to look at one of the pioneers of shojo and a highlight of the exhibition, Keiko Takemiya.

  6. tomioka-jiro-01

    Manga Mondays ~ Tomioka Jiro

    Tomioka Jiro is an illustrator from Japan. He has worked on covers for multiple Japanese magazines, including Tokyo Ziggrat, Touch, and Frontier. He has collaborated with several Vocaloid producers, including takamatt, YM, and effe.

  7. hajime-isayama-01

    Manga Mondays ~ Hajime Isayama

    Hajime Isayama is the Japanese manga artist of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). The series has become a phenomenal commercial success. As of July 2015, the manga has 52.5 million copies in circulation. Its popularity was spurred on with the release of the anime adaptation of the same name.