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    Nov 2013

    Ken Niimura

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    Comic artist José María del Barrio Ken Niimura (Ken, for short) is based in Tokyo, Japan but is originally from Spain. As well as illustrating numerous comics, he has taught comic and manga courses at the University of Salamanca. The work that Mr. Niimura is most famous for is his Eisner nominated limited series I Kill Giants, written by Joe Kelly. It is a stand out comic and a must read. Mr. Niimura’s style is loose and packed with energy, but somehow he always retains clear, thin lines. You can see more of his work on his blog.

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    Jul 2013

    Manga Mondays ~ Uturo

    uturo-01 uturo-02 uturo-03 uturo-04

    Something very different for this week’s Manga Monday. Presenting the beautiful chaos of Uturo. Her striking digital paintings are bombarded with colour and expression. They embrace the same nature of freedom that traditional paintings have, allowing her to get away with what I like to call “happy accidents”. A style rarely seen in digital painting, and a welcome digression from the controlled work we are accustomed to. You can find more of Uturo’s work on her deviantArt page.

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    Apr 2013

    Manga Mondays ~ Inio Asano

    inio-asano-001 inio-asano-002 inio-asano-003 inio-asano-004 inio-asano-005

    Inio Asano is probably best known for her highly acclaimed manga ‘Solanin’, which was turned into a feature film starring actress Aoi Miyazaki in 2010. Asano’s work ranges from realism to psycho-horror, and is very character driven. Of course we are all about illustration here on The Lounge, but I guess I can’t write about Asano without mentioning she is transgender, as it is such an interesting fact about the artist herself. You can visit her page on Anime News Network to find out a little more.

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    Apr 2013

    Daisuke ‘Dice’ Tsutsumi

    daisuke-dice-tsutsumi-001 daisuke-dice-tsutsumi-002 daisuke-dice-tsutsumi-003 daisuke-dice-tsutsumi-004 daisuke-dice-tsutsumi-005

    I can’t get over the amazing lighting and mark-making by Dice Tsutsumi. Born in Tokyo, he moved to New York in 1993. He has had a remarkable career so far, particularly in the animation industry. At Blue Sky Studios, he worked as a visual development and colour key artist for ‘Ice Age’, ‘Robots’ and ‘Horton Hears a Who’. He later moved on to Pixar as an art director, giving him the chance to work on ‘Toy Story 3’. Dice has also had a children’s book published, titled ‘I can Hear’. Last but not least, I will mention his work on ‘Sketchtravel’ and ‘Totoro Forest Project’, two excellent projects that Dice has helped organise. To see more from this creative dynamo, visit his fantastic blog.

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    Dec 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ Licaco Kakuta

    licaco-kakuta-001 licaco-kakuta-002 licaco-kakuta-003 licaco-kakuta-004

    Tokyo based illustrator Licaco used to work as a manga artist, but with such a unique style Licaco has been sought after by clothing brands, magazines and the like. Clinets include Vogue, Cointreau, Channel Five and The Ritz-Carlton. There is a lot more excellent work to be found on the Licaco website, so head on over!

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