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    Oct 2015


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    Born in Pisa, Italy, Gianni Alfonso Pacinotti (Gipi) is a cartoonist, filmmaker, and author. He started his journey into illustration through publishing and advertising. He was almost 30 when he decided to start creating comics. His work appeared in magazines such as Cuore, Il Clandestino, Il Manifesto, Lo Straniero, and La Straniero.

    I only discovered the work of Gipi about a year ago, but the time between finding his work, and falling in love with it, is virtually non-existent. His artwork is energetic, with a free-form technique that permits for mistakes. Using hog brushes and watercolour to create backgrounds, and racing around the page with a pen to create characters. Yet, always with clear intentions, which the end result attests to.

    I decided to get my feet wet with his graphic novel Appunti per una Storia di Guerra (Notes for a War Story). Originally published in 2004 by Coconino Press, a year later it was published in France by Actes Sud, and in 2007 was reprinted in English by First Second. That turned out to be a superb place to start, I did not know it then, but Appunti per una Storia di Guerra won the 2005 Goscinny Prize for Best Script and was proclaimed Best Book at Angoulême in 2006.

    Gipi has a total of five graphic novels under his belt, the remaining four being Garage Band, LMVDM – La mia vita disegnata male (My Life Badly Drawn), unastoria and Gli Innocenti (The Innocents). The latter earning him both an Eisner Award nomination and a Max & Moritz Prize.

    To find out more about Gipi, you can read his Words Without Borders interview, you can watch him work in this lovely interview by Massimo Colella, and lastly follow him on Facebook.

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    Sep 2015

    Giovanni Da Re

    giovanni-da-re-01 giovanni-da-re-02 giovanni-da-re-03 giovanni-da-re-04 giovanni-da-re-05 giovanni-da-re-06

    Giovanni Da Re is a freelance illustrator based in Ancona Area, Italy. From 1997 – 2001 he studied illustration at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). Straight after graduating Da Re began his freelance journey. Comfortable in multiple style, he creates artwork for editorial, young adult books and textbooks, adapting to suit the audience. His editorial work is frequently published and selected for Communication Arts, Creative Quarterly, and 3×3 magazine.

    Da Re’s illustrations are created intirely digitally. His strength of colour selection is something that really stands out when looking through his portfolio. His colour palettes are very harmonious, but often exploit complimentary colours to draw the users focus. I also like when he exagerats the angles of his characters and backgrounds, adding interest and a touch of quirk.

    To see more of Giovanni Da Re’s work you can go to his website, and follow him on Twitter.

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    Sep 2015

    Fashion Fridays ~ Noumeda Carbone

    Noumeda-Carbone-01 Noumeda-Carbone-02 Noumeda-Carbone-03 Noumeda-Carbone-04 Noumeda-Carbone-05 Noumeda-Carbone-06

    Noumeda Carbone is an award winning illustrator based in Florence, Italy. Freelancing since 2006 she has worked with a host of clients including Leo Burnett, Vogue, Saatchi & Saatchi and The Guardian. Carbone’s detailed and surreal work has graced the walls of multiple solo and group exhibition and illuminated the pages of many magazines like Rolling Stone, Glamour, Computer Arts, La Perla Magazine, and Juxtapoz.

    Carbone’s illustrations balance the fanciful with the forlorn. Finicky detail sit next to fancy-free water colour brush work. All the elements are collated digitally to give a coherent, layered and dazzling finished piece.

    You can gaze at more of Noumeda Carbone’s work on her website and instagram.

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    Apr 2015

    The H Lazarus

    the-h-lazarus-01 the-h-lazarus-02 the-h-lazarus-03 the-h-lazarus-04 the-h-lazarus-05

    Presenting the esoteric work of The H Lazarus. Born in Venice, Italy, Lazarus studied Fine art at The Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna (Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna), where she first started to explore the themes of Surrealism, Cyberpunk, Angiography, Mythology and Technology. Working with them concurrently she started to find parallels and where their paths crossed. Working in this manner Lazarus has succeeded in producing some very expressive and compelling imagery. As well as this personal artistic exploration, since 2011, she has been a member of Italian comic collective Manticora Autoproduzioni.

    You can find more of The H Lazarus’ work on behance and Facebook.

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    Dec 2014

    Daniela Volpari

    daniela-volpari-01 daniela-volpari-02 daniela-volpari-03 daniela-volpari-04 daniela-volpari-05 daniela-volpari-06 daniela-volpari-07

    Based in Rome, Italy, Daniela Volpari is a freelance art director and children’s book illustrator. She graduated in 2009 from the Scuola Internazionale di Comics (International School of Comics), which is quite possibly the best school I have ever heard of. Ms Volpari landed her first published work the very same year creating editorial illustrations for Un duetreStella and Grazia. Also in the same busy year publishers Paramica released a children’s book based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera La Bohème, retold by Fbrizio Silei and beautifully illustrated by Ms Volpari. Since then Ms Volpari has work consistently. She has received multiple awards and regularly exhibits her work at Gallery Nucleus, most recently taking part in the Imaginary Friends event.

    Ms Volpari’s gouache paintings are warm and playful. They are harmonious in tone but often dynamic in composition. I particularly love her illustrations for Oliver Twist. They have a very “Illustrator’s Lounge” feel to me, that may just be because of all the top hats. You can find Daniela Volpari on twitter, facebook, and etsy, and find more of her work on her website and blog.

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