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    Oct 2012

    Sergey Kostik

    sergey-kostik-001 sergey-kostik-002 sergey-kostik-003

    Sergey is a freelance illustrator from Russia. He creates some nice digital art, but his best work is probably his pixel art. He creates a lot of artwork for games, but some of his advertising pieces for clients are brilliant, full of incredible details. His clients include Sberbank, Megafon, Mars, GQ and Forbes.

    Visit Sergey’s website for more.

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    Jul 2012

    Gabriel Mourelle

    gabriel-mourelle-001 gabriel-mourelle-002 gabriel-mourelle-003 gabriel-mourelle-004

    Gabriel is an Argentinean illustrator who started out as a web designer. Web and graphic design, as well as probably any other creative discipline, can teach us skills that can be transferred usefully into illustration. These web design skills are evident in Gabriel’s work and that’s probably why his designs for online games in particular stand out. It is a clean and clinical finish, but charged with emotion and you just want to reach into the screen and grab the work, hug it and squeeze it!

    Visit Gabriel’s website for more.

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