1. Fresh Cut Grass


    Fresh Cut Grass is a short, yet emotional, tale from Boulder Media’s Creative Director, Robert Cullen. The story is about a wide-eyed young pup merrily making his way from the blossomy smells of the idyllic countryside to the neon lights of the bustling city.

    Journeying to visit his big sister, the young pup is quickly exposed to the frantic nature of city life. His trip suddenly descends into a world of depravity that he was not prepared for. The surprising tonal flip at the start of the tale is flipped again with a heart-crunching ending, that is sure to have your tears welling up. Somewhere in between the optimistic beginning and touching conclusion is the most unsettle use of the novelty song “(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window?” that you are likely to hear.

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  2. Jordie Bellaire

    1 / 6

    If there is a comic on the shelf right now not coloured by Jordie Bellaire, I have not seen it. This weekend, during a quick comic shop, I saw her name on Moon Knight, Convergence Shazam, The Kitchen, Injection and probably a bunch more I did not spot. Jordie Bellaire has been a familiar fixture of our comic shop shelves for much of the last two years. So prolific and wonderful is Ballaire, that last year the industry showed their appreciation in the form of an Eisner award. Which in 22 years only 10 other colourist have earned, Dave Stewart and Chris Ware claiming over half of the awards between them.

    Bellaire has worked with close to all of the big comic publisher on many great titles such as, Pretty Deadly, The Manhattan Projects, Nowhere Men, Zero, and Hawkeye. Along the way, enhancing the pages of many of my favourite current comic artist including Tom Fowler, Chris Samnee, Ramon Perez, Sean Murphy, Becky Cloonan and Emma Rios.

    Perhaps you have heard of Colorist Appreciation Day, well, you can thank Bellaire for that too!

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  3. Alé Mercado

    1 / 5

    Wonderful varied work from Illustrators Ireland and The Association of Illustrators member, Alé Mercado. His work is created completely digitally, however, takes influence from traditional printmaking techniques. His projects mainly consist of music or film culture, but approaches them by drawing influences from a wide range of sources. I love the assortment of styles that Mr. Mercado’s produces, and though I do feel some techniques are more successful than others, his fortitude to explore them for all to see has to be commended. Check out Mr. Mercado website and flickr page for more of his work.

  4. Steve Simpson

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    Award winning Irish illustrator Steve Simpson creates visuals that are so rich with type and colour it hurts.

    “Steve takes an organic approach to his projects, blending the disciplines of design and illustration. He spends a great deal of time on construction, shape and problem solving at the pencil stage. Continuously re-drawing until a balance of aesthetics, key brief considerations and client satisfaction have been realized.”

    Every piece of work in his portfolio leaves me stunned with amazement, so head on over to see more…

  5. Harry Clarke (1889-1931)

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    As we promised, something special…

    Born in Dublin, Harry Clarke was a stained glass artist and book illustrator. He studied stained glass at the Dublin Art School and soon after this he was off to London to pursue a career in book illustration. His first printed work was ‘Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales’ in 1916. This included 16 colour plates and more than 24 monotone illustrations. But it was his illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Tales of Mystery and Imagination’ in 1923 that put him in the spotlight and made his name. Clarke’s stained glass works are highly regarded for the beautiful rich palette and quality of draughtsmanship behind them.

  6. Jonathan Wong

    1 / 3

    Jonathan’s design and illustration work is full of vibrant colours, creating a crisp, modern look with huge impact. It’s amazing what he has achieved at the tender age of 21. He has a huge client list including Hewlett Packard, Mazda and EPOS.  He has also been featured in several prominent places online as well as exhibited in locations around Europe including his home town, Limerick in Ireland. This star is shining bright…