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    Feb 2014

    John Stanley (1914 – 1993)

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    Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame Inductee, John Stanley, is best known for rendition of comic Little Lulu.

    Beginning his artistic journey In the 1930s, illustrating for the Fleischer animation studios, Mr. Stanley went on to freelance for the Western Printing Company. During this period he created stories for many much-loved characters including Bugs Bunny, Andy Panda, and Woody Woodpecker.

    One day, mid 1940s, Oscar Lebeck approached John Stanley to produce a bi-monthly series of Marjorie Henderson Buell’s Lulu Moppett character. Mr. Stanley stuck to scripting duties for the most part, but did draw many of the early issues, and would produce a storyboard sketch for artist’s Irving Tripp and Charles Hedinger to work from.

    Modestly shrugging off being selected for the Little Lulu comic as “chance”, other illustrators are not so coy about singing his prises.

    Fred Hembeck hailed John Stanley as,

    “The most consistently funny cartoonist to work in the comic book medium”.

    and C.C. Beck said,

    “The only comic books I ever read and enjoyed were Little Lulu and Donald Duck.”

    A great place to find out more about John Stanley and his contribution to the comic industry is the blog, Stanley Stories.

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    Oct 2013

    Josh Cochran

    Josh-Cochran-01 Josh-Cochran-02 Josh-Cochran-03 Josh-Cochran-04

    In 2013, his work on Ben Kweller’s “Go Fly A Kite” received a Grammy nomination for Best Limited Edition Packaging. He has a number of side projects, and sometimes exhibits his silkscreens and drawings in galleries. Currently, Josh is working on his first children’s book, “New York, Inside And Out” (2014). Josh lives in Brooklyn with his small dog Porkchop.

    Josh’s professional creative work spans prestigious clients such as American Express, AOL, HSBC Bank, IBM and the New Yorker.

    Josh we salute you!

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    Oct 2013

    Taylor Krahenbuhl

    Taylor-Krahenbuhl-01 Taylor-Krahenbuhl-02 Taylor-Krahenbuhl-03

    Taylor Krahenbuhl is currently a full-time Concept & Cinematic Artist at ArenaNet. He also freelances as a character designer and illustrator for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

    Taylor’s character design harks back to the era of the genius Ronald Searle and is an absolute joy to browse. Want more? Swing on by his blogspot.

    BTW he also enjoys cold cereal with 1% milk.

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    Oct 2013

    Shaun O’Neil AKA xshaunx

    Shaun-O'Neil-01 Shaun-O'Neil-02 Shaun-O'Neil-03

    Shaun O’Neil has that anime style that we have all seen many times before however, xshaunx is clearly not your “run of the mill” anime artist. He illustrates with great humor and his dynamic and intense characters really leap of the screen. He currently storyboards for Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra.

    Shaun O’Neil also has a few awesome self published sketchbooks available to purchase via Lulu. These sketchbooks are a collection of preliminary works, abandoned projects, work in progress and are well worth checking out.

    Under the nick xshaunx, he has a fantastic presence on deviantart

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