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    Feb 2014

    Kate Beaton

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    Canadian comics artist Kate Beaton is a best known for her hugely popular webcomic Hark! A Vagrant. Born in Nova Scotia, Beaton studied history in New Brunswick. Her interest in history, and historic figures form a re-occuring theme in her work. As exemplified in her self-published book Never Learn Anything from History, which won her a Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent in 2009. Continuing the award momentum, Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant won the 2011 Harvey Award for Best Online Comics Work, and she topped that in 2012 winning three Harveys, for Humor, Online Work, and Best Cartoonist.

    For those of you (myself included) whom like your comics a little more on the tangible side, you can pick yourself up a Hark! A Vagrant book.

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    Sep 2011

    Ingvard The Terrible

    Ingvard-the-terrible-03 Ingvard-the-terrible-01 Ingvard-the-terrible-02 Ingvard-the-terrible-04 Ingvard-the-terrible-05

    Rarely am I completely blow away by an artist, but every now and then I find one that does. Ingvard The Terrible is a very talented “Illustrator” and self proclaimed “Viking” and “root beer enthusiast”, “Born the last of five mighty sons to a Danish mother and Swedish father.” His main focus is children’s book illustration however he is also very adept in graphic design. Other than Ingvard’s epic style his overall brand as an illustrator is nothing but pure adventure.

    “Kings tremble at the mention of his name; nations flee at the sight of him; and Art Directors and Editors claw over each other to obtain his remarkable illustration services.”

    Want more? Feel free to brave his mighty website.

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    Aug 2011

    Stephen Biesty

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    Do you remember those beautiful history books on Roman and other ancient cultures with the acetate pages revealing the inside of buildings? Well, This should refresh your memory. All that imagination-inspiring artwork was created by one very talented and patient man, Stephen Biesty. I can almost be certain my fascination with history began with those books.

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    Jul 2011

    History of 3d-Animation & CGI

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    In less than 40 years, CGI & 3D graphics have moved from a mere twinkle in the eye to become one of the most popular creative industries in the world. Each year we are seeing more and more 3D and Special effects enhanced movies appearing on our cinema screens. 3D generated illustration, movies and advertising has now become the dominant force in comparison to traditional art-working methods.

    The history of CGI This is a great link to a page where you can watch clips of groundbreaking CGI movies such as Tron in chronological order. There is some handy info about the films as well.

    A History of CGI in Movies Is another great source, written by Simon Vreeswijk. This page also includes some fantastic video clips and details.

    In depth CGI timeline This is a fascinating page that looks at the evolution of CGI and details specific developments in technology that brought us to where we are today.

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