1. Christina Krati

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    Christina Krati is an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Concept Artist based in New York. Originally from Athens, Greece, she studied Graphic Design at the Technological Educational Institute. Graduating in 2012, Krati cut her teeth at an Athens-based graphic design company, creating branding, print and promotional materials.

    In 2013, Krati moved stateside to New York working as freelance illustrator. There she has been involved in several projects including illustrated the children’s books Jesse’s Magic Plate and Jose and Coqui.

    Krati’s portfolio exhibit gorgeous saturated brush rendering. Her earnest realistic portraits sit alongside cartoony and spirited characters. These elements come together to create rich narrative illustrations that are guaranteed to make you smile.

    You can find more of Christina Krati’s work on her website, Behance and Instagram.

  2. Aristotelis Falegos

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    Aristotelis Falegos is a Greek illustrator with a fun, bright and colourful style. He seems to draw inspiration from Eastern Manga as well as retro Western styles. His quirky worlds are inhabited by weird and wonderful creatures. On Aristotelis’ Behance page, you’ll find illustrated skateboards, 3D cut-out-and-fold toys, illustrations for the web and lots more.

  3. Zak Doodle

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    Zak Doodle is a children’s illustrator from Greece. She really knows how to lose herself in her mark making. Her creations are beautiful in their naiveté; they depict an unspoilt innocence that children possess and we tend to lose as we get older and are influenced more and more by our surroundings.

    Visit Zak’s Facebook page to see more of her work. She also has an Etsy shop and you can read an interview with her on the Milly and Friends website.

  4. Iro Tsavala

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    In 2008 Iro Tsavala graduated with an MA in Communication Art & Design from London’s Royal College of Art. Since then, she has combined freelancing and lecturing. Iro is a brilliantly creative and intelligent person who lives and breathes a certain style and it comes through in her work. She is a hands-on illustrator, using a mixture of techniques such as screen printing and collage. This approach, accompanied with her unique style gives her work an identity which is recognisable as her own. She also creates some wonderful ‘creatures’, an ongoing series of one-off soft toys. Being a very good friend of mine, she is currently making one for my new born son (and I can’t wait to see the result!)

    Her clients include The Guardian, Laurence King and YCN.

    To see more, visit her website.