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    Feb 2013

    Sam Wolfe Connelly

    sam-wolfe-connelly-01 sam-wolfe-connelly-03 sam-wolfe-connelly-04 sam-wolfe-connelly-02

    Introducing the rich graphite work of New York illustrator, Sam Wolfe Connelly. Still quite young, he has partaken in a host of exhibition with galleries including Gallery Nucleus, Spoke Art Gallery, and Roq la Rue Gallery. He has also amalgamated quite a good list of clients too, including Playboy Magazine, Penguin Books, Colors Magazine, Sundance Film Festival, and Hasbro. To see more of his serene, but ever so eerie, illustration pop over to his website.

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    Mar 2012

    Ben Jelfs

    ben-jelfs-001 ben-jelfs-002 ben-jelfs-003

    Ben Jelfs is an award winning art director from Adelaid, Australia.  He uses graphite sticks and digital colouring to create his drawings. Ben Jelfs has a real knack for finding humour in his subject matter; he’s done a series of illustrations titled ‘When I grow up I want to be a James Bond villain’. Great topic!

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