1. Mr. Penfold Show London

    I’m very excited about Mr. Penfold’s solo show in lively Camden Town next week! It runs from the 1st to the 4th of August. If you are in London during this time, pop in and show some support! Here’s a press release for the show:

  2. Souloff

    Though vector artist Souloff works in colour, her black and white work is equally powerful. Her outlines are smooth and sensual, with fat black marker lines thrown in to great effect. You can see influence from night club flyers, and also graffiti ([particularly in some of the lettering). Her ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’ series is inspired by fables and fairy tales, but with a modern twist. Do take a look at her website for more…

  3. El Tobe

    El Tobe (aka Toby Haynes) lives in Northamptonshire, England. He works as a graphic designer for his day-job, but at night his illustration hat is on. He creates punchy work which involves graffiti style characters, crazy patterns and hand drawn text. I simply enjoy looking at his work, and that’s enough for me!

  4. Wout Schildermans aka Mister Melvin

    Belgian illustrator Mister Melvin creates wonderful illustrations with a unique style. He knows how to create illustrations which make you chuckle, that’s for sure. Comprising of mainly editorial and children’s’ book work, he also has some graffiti and other bits and pieces on his website. Mister Melvin contributed to our book ‘100% Recycled Paper’ (soon to be published). When I first saw his comic strip for the book, it made me laugh out loud to the point of crying! Such is his excellent sense of humour. Additionally, he has an intelligent way of getting his ideas across in his work with wit and charm.