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    Jun 2014

    Yvan Duque

    yvan-duque-01 yvan-duque-02 yvan-duque-03 yvan-duque-04 yvan-duque-05

    Part of the French creative collective L’Encre Blanche, Yvan Duque brings a surreal and comical style to the mix. His landscapes are very atmospheric, comprised of simple shapes and homogeneous colours. His fun characters, large-eyed and timid, often sit with uncomfortable expressions. I really like the juxtaposition of introducing these very cute characters into these rather gloomy environments.

    You can find Yvan Duque work in a few places, his tumblr, his etsy, and right now he is part of the Adventure Awaits: Destinations Real & Imagined exhibition at Gallery Nucleus, which will be running until June 15, 2014.

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    Feb 2013

    Sam Wolfe Connelly

    sam-wolfe-connelly-01 sam-wolfe-connelly-03 sam-wolfe-connelly-04 sam-wolfe-connelly-02

    Introducing the rich graphite work of New York illustrator, Sam Wolfe Connelly. Still quite young, he has partaken in a host of exhibition with galleries including Gallery Nucleus, Spoke Art Gallery, and Roq la Rue Gallery. He has also amalgamated quite a good list of clients too, including Playboy Magazine, Penguin Books, Colors Magazine, Sundance Film Festival, and Hasbro. To see more of his serene, but ever so eerie, illustration pop over to his website.

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    Sep 2012

    Chris B. Murray

    chris-b-murray-01 chris-b-murray-02 chris-b-murray-03 chris-b-murray-04

    Philadelphia-based illustrator Chris B. Murray produces dramatic and often very energetic paintings. Much of Murray’s work has an equal dosage of humour and cynicism creating great entertainment that draws you further in. His work has been featured in galleries including Gallery1988, Gallery Nucleus, and London Miles. You can find out more about Mr. Murray on his website.

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    Dec 2011

    What If…at Gallery Nucleus

    whatif001 whatif002 whatif003

    Gallery Nucleus has a great looking show on from the 10th of December 2011 to the 2nd January 2012 titled (you guessed it) ‘What If…

    What if it actually rained cats and dogs?
    What if money really did grow on trees?
    What if the moon were made of cheese?

    For this exhibition, some of the super talented folks at Disney, Pixar, LAIKA, Blue Sky, Cartoon Network and Sony have created some very imaginative “What Ifs” of their own. Following our Super Big Micro Showback in 2010, Nucleus has again invited the artists behind your favorite animated features to create personal, bite-sized or “micro” pieces that will plaster our atrium gallery with most macro game of “WHAT IF…” ever!

    Some of the artists contributing are:

    Alina ChauBill SchwabJeremy SpearsJin KimLeo MatsudaMike Yamada, my buddy Oliver Akuin and Zar Galstian.

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