1. Blake Bradley’s ‘A Creature Fix’ Show at Le Snoot!

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    We were really pleased when Le Snoot Gallery contacted us recently, telling us about an up-coming show featuring Blake Bradley. First of all, if you are anywhere near Savannah, USA then Le Snoot looks like a fantastic place to see local creative talent.

    Here’s a little about Blake’s show:

    “Magical creatures roam this earth, both good and evil, unseen by most as they search for a place to call home. Blake Bradley has pulled back the thin veil separating our world from theirs, bringing to life a showcase of bewitching and demented creatures that have finally found a spot to rest.

    Featuring a mix of razor-sharp talons, distorted figures and flowing line work, Blake’s work is a juxtaposition of hideous beauty and ethereal decadence.

    Make the journey to Gallery Le Snoot’s exhibition, “A Creature Fix”, on February 8th to discover Blake Bradley’s world, and to view and purchase the best of his work.”

    Enjoy the show, we wish it every success.

    Le Snoot has an interview with Blake Bradley if you’d like to find out a bit more.

  2. Two Kats and a Cow

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    I was in Brighton over the weekend (Brighton is a town on the south coast of England, for our international visitors). I had the pleasure of walking along the beach front to find Two Kats and a Cow, an independent art gallery owned by three artists, Katty McMurray, Kathryn Matthews and John Marshall. If you are ever in Brighton, it is a must see. There are always some great guest artists as well as the original three, and the work is absolutely stunning first hand. There are works of all sizes and using various techniques. And what a great location—under an arch on the seafront!