1. vincent-roche-01

    Vincent Roché

    Vincent Roché is a graphic artist and an illustrator based in Paris, France. He was working as an Art Director for five years before deciding to become a freelancer full-time. He has since accumulated an impressive client list including Nike, Microsoft, ARTE and AQKA.

  2. maxime-dupuy-01

    Maxime Dupuy

    Maxime Dupuy is a freelance artist based in Paris, France.  Working primarily in animation as a background, color, and concept artist.

  3. kim-ettinoff-01

    Manga Mondays ~ Kim Ettinoff

    Kim Ettinoff is a French illustrator based in Lille, France. He currently works for video games developers and interactive entertainment company Ankama as a visual development artist and art director.

  4. tom-haugomat-01

    Tom Haugomat

    Tom Haugomat is an illustrator and director based in Paris, France. Initially working in animation, recently he has focused on illustration. His work has been featured in publications including Air France Magazine, Revue XXI and Le Monde. He is represented by illustration agency, Handsome Frank.

  5. gael-bertrand-01

    Manga Mondays ~ Gael Bertrand

    Gael Bertrand is a self-taught illustrator and comic book artist from France. He has worked as a graphic artist for video games, as well as illustrating for comic companies DC, and Image.

  6. cassandre-montoriol-01

    Fashion Fridays ~ Cassandre Montoriol

    Cassandre Montoriol is an illustrator based in Paris, France. Capturing everything from shop fronts and cityscapes to cluttered bookshelves and busy offices. Her hand-drawn illustrations are often found spread across the glossy pages of prestigious publications.