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    Jul 2014

    Fossard Christophe

    fossard-christophe-01 fossard-christophe-02 fossard-christophe-03 fossard-christophe-04 fossard-christophe-05

    Fossard Christophe or more commonly known as Biboun, is a freelancer based in montpellier, France. Illustrating predominately digitally on a wacom cintiq, Mr Christophe has worked for a range of creative projects including video games, board games, animation and comics.

    Last year he collaborated with MyWittyGames, producing stunning artwork for their board game Chronos Conquest. Mr Christophe’s uploaded a series of video showing illustration process of Chronos Conquest, giving you some insight on how he creates such vibrant characters.

    You can see more of Mr Christophe’s work on his website, and deviantArt page.

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    Jul 2013

    DZO Olivier

    dzo-oliver-001 dzo-oliver-002 dzo-oliver-003 dzo-oliver-004

    DZO Olivier is an illustrator and artist currently living in France. His work reminds me of the power found in simple black and white ink illustration, with its intricacies and imagination. If you visit his Behance page, do take a look at his ‘Inkstinctive’ project. The artist describes this project as follows:

    No eraser, no pencil Every mistake is an opportunity to create unexpected images.This work explores the interconnections between inert matter and living matter. At the same time, I still explore processes of the unconscious.

    His coloured paintings bring about an exciting hint of David Mack’s work (comic readers will no doubt remember David’s stunning ‘Kabuki’ books).

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    Apr 2013

    Aurélien Predal

    aurelien-predal-001 aurelien-predal-002 aurelien-predal-003 aurelien-predal-004 aurelien-predal-005

    Aurélien Predal is another talented alumni member of Gobelins. He currently works as a visual development artist at Sony Pictures Animation. He contributed to the excellent Sketchtravel project, and he has also successfully been funded on Kickstarter to produce a short animated film titled ‘Batz’, which was co-created by Max Maleo. It’s incredible, the way his loose marks create these magical environments.

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    Apr 2013

    Elsa Duhamel

    elsa-duhamel-001 elsa-duhamel-002 elsa-duhamel-003 elsa-duhamel-004 elsa-duhamel-005

    Elsa Duhamel is an animator and visual development artist from France. Her work is so beautiful; I couldn’t help but go through every video on her Vimeo page. The soft lighting and generous textures are always evident, no matter which medium she works in. Her characters have that charm that I think goes missing in a lot of mass-produced animation.

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    Mar 2013

    Hugues Mahoas

    huhues-mahoas-001 huhues-mahoas-002 huhues-mahoas-003 huhues-mahoas-004 huhues-mahoas-005

    Hugues Mahoas is from France and works in the animation industry, with his background art standing out as a real strength along with his character design. I love the eerie quality in his work, and he has a special talent for picking colour combinations that are unusually brilliant. Visit his blog for more.

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