1. Fashion Fridays ~ Jongmee

    With her distinctive ornate style, illustrator and pattern designer Jongmee Kim has crafted vibrant designs for an array of top clients including Martha Stewart. Her fashion and lifestyle work has featured in editorials for Egmont Publishing, Time Inc and Boom Studios.

  2. Isabel Arenas

    At the Lounge, we would be lying to ourselves if we said we were not susceptible to a bit flattery every now and then. So when we received Isabel Arenas praised-infused email, she was already in our good books! Then we checked out her work, it was a no-brainer, she had to be featured! Her illustration style is filled with a brilliant understanding of figure and composition. You can see the Isabel’s discern for the history of art and illustration, and yet has derived a style that is completely her own. See more of Isabel’s work on her website and her tumblr.