“fan art”

  1. Darren Rawlings

    Darren Rawlings is a Canadian illustrator and creative director of Thinkmore studios. He has worked on storyboards, concept art and animations for clients including Discovery Channel, HBO, Sony, BBC and Scholastic.

  2. Massimo Carnevale aka Sketchesnatched

    The lack of information on Massimo Carnevale is actually quite amusing. I can tell you two things about him, although you have probably already figured them out for yourself. One, he is Italian and two, his work is amazing. Whether he is doing digital painting, or ink work his style and control is fantastic. Mr. Carnevale does have a lot of fan art in his portfolio and seems to have a particular affinity to cult movies, and chooses some golden moments to illustrate. See more of his over on his blog.

  3. Ridd Sorensen

    Ridd Sorensen is an Art Director in the animation industry. He has an incredible sense of style; everything he creates is captivating in its own way. On Pixar Times you can read a nice interview with Ridd, where he mentions his love for street art and how inspirational it is to him:

  4. Kevin Wada

    I stumbled upon this rather hidden gem today. Kevin Wada is an Illustrator from the US. I’m absolutely loving his expressive style and some of his fan art is just fantastic. Overall his work ranges from editorial to fashion and character design. He is currently in San Francisco “hustlin’” as an illustrator.

  5. Christopher King

    Christopher King creates some fun comic book style movie posters on his website portfolio! I like the stylish ’12 Angry Men’ poster, in all its monotone splendour. His clients include The Sunday Times, Costa Coffee and Oxfam. Mosey on over to his website for more illustrations and a bunch of other stuff you may find interesting.

  6. Dave Rapoza

    This wheezingly wonderful work belongs to freelance artist Dave Rapoza. His attention to detail is almost exhausting. I find myself looking at his work, then re-looking, then just staring. You can find more of his work on his CG Hub page.