1. Oana Befort

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    Oana Befort is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer currently living in Omaha, Nebraska. She pulls from a love of photography, design, and crafts to paints elaborate nature-inspired watercolours.

    Originally from Romania, Befort enjoyed drawing since she was a little girl. Her enjoyment grew the more she practiced and learned. She studied decorative arts in high school, then went on to study Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the National Art University of Bucharest. After graduating, Befort worked as a Graphic Designer in advertising and branding agencies.

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  2. Daniela Volpari

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    Based in Rome, Italy, Daniela Volpari is a freelance art director and children’s book illustrator. She graduated in 2009 from the Scuola Internazionale di Comics (International School of Comics), which is quite possibly the best school I have ever heard of. Ms Volpari landed her first published work the very same year creating editorial illustrations for Un duetreStella and Grazia. Also in the same busy year publishers Paramica released a children’s book based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera La Bohème, retold by Fbrizio Silei and beautifully illustrated by Ms Volpari. Since then Ms Volpari has work consistently. She has received multiple awards and regularly exhibits her work at Gallery Nucleus, most recently taking part in the Imaginary Friends event.

    Ms Volpari’s gouache paintings are warm and playful. They are harmonious in tone but often dynamic in composition. I particularly love her illustrations for Oliver Twist. They have a very “Illustrator’s Lounge” feel to me, that may just be because of all the top hats. You can find Daniela Volpari on twitter, facebook, and etsy, and find more of her work on her website and blog.

  3. Monster Riot

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    Monster Riot are the collaborative talents of Catherine McDaid and Jason Ruddy. They make quite the duo; Catherine creates plush toys and Jason illustrates. Their styles work so well together, with their fun colours and simple shapes. It’ll be interesting where their brand will take them next! They have already exhibited in Berlin, San Francisco and Paris. Clients include Nike, Pictoplasma and Digital Artist Magazine.

  4. Zak Doodle

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    Zak Doodle is a children’s illustrator from Greece. She really knows how to lose herself in her mark making. Her creations are beautiful in their naiveté; they depict an unspoilt innocence that children possess and we tend to lose as we get older and are influenced more and more by our surroundings.

    Visit Zak’s Facebook page to see more of her work. She also has an Etsy shop and you can read an interview with her on the Milly and Friends website.

  5. PJ McQuade

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    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, now would be a good time to order gifts and cards. For anyone who’s into Star Wars, PJ’s ‘Yoda Cupid’ card could be just what you’re looking for…If not, PJ also has some fantastic giclee prints available, such as his Brigitte Bardot.

    Thanks for getting in touch, PJ.

  6. Emma Block

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    Londoner Emma Block has a really friendly, approachable style of illustration which is carried through in the styling of her blog. First Class Honours in BA Illustration at Middlesex University, and has since gone on to produce a book (Tea and Cake, 2011) as working for several clients including Hardie Grant, Hand in Hand Soap, The British Heart Foundation, Time Out, Hallmark and Moo. Emma also likes to write and has written for The Guardian, Lionheart Magazine, Amelia’s Magazine and The Young Creatives.

    She is currently working on her first children’s book, which I’ll be looking out for! In the mean time, why not visit her Etsy shop for some nice Christmas ideas…

  7. Monthly Giveaway! Day of the Dead Skull Pattern Wrapping Paper & Greetings Cards

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    This month we are giving away free 3 high quality A5 greetings cards printed on re-cycled card & 3 sheets of my luxury wrapping paper, printed on re-cycled paper with vegetable inks. Designed and illustrated by the talented Suzanne Carpenter.


    To win these amazing custom items, you must simply do two things.

    1. Firstly you need to follow either our Facebook fan page or our Twitter (if you are not already following us).

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/illustratorslounge
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    2. Secondly you MUST answer the following question by either pasting the correct answer on our Facebook page wall or on Twitter using our tag (@the_loungers):

    Which Latin American country is most famous for celebrating the “Day of the Dead” each year from midnight on October 31st until November 2nd?

    Answer options:
    A) China
    B) Spain
    C) Mexico

    All answers must be in before the 30th of April 2012. A winner will be selected and announced on the 1st of May 2012. Then contacted via either Facebook or Twitter and these items will be sent out to them.

    If you can’t be bothered to enter or don’t want to wait until the 1st of May to see if you have won, you can purchase these and a bunch of other cool stuff created by Suzanne direct from her Etsy account ->