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    Feb 2013


    souloff-001 souloff-002 souloff-003 souloff-004

    Though vector artist Souloff works in colour, her black and white work is equally powerful. Her outlines are smooth and sensual, with fat black marker lines thrown in to great effect. You can see influence from night club flyers, and also graffiti ([particularly in some of the lettering). Her ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’ series is inspired by fables and fairy tales, but with a modern twist. Do take a look at her website for more…

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    Dec 2012

    Emile Morel

    emile-morel-001 emile-morel-002 emile-morel-003 emile-morel-004

    We have something a little out of the ordinary to share with you today; feast your eyes on the incredible, often erotic and beautifully grotesque creations from Emile Morel. You’ll find three legged princes, beautiful women with hands for feet, all manner of strange and wonderful plants and animals to shock and inspire. Emile’s fantasies reside in worlds where anything is possible. There is of course inspiration drawn from mythology, used to create something daring and new. See more daring work on Emile’s blog.

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    Aug 2012

    Jae Liu Wubao

    jae-liu-wubao-001 jae-liu-wubao-002 jae-liu-wubao-003 jae-liu-wubao-004

    I really enjoyed looking through Jae Liu Wubao’s Deviant Art gallery. Her soft tones are simply beautiful and the watercolour technique is lovely. There are definite erotic undertones in a lot of her work, which I find intriguing. She is above all a great draftsman, with simple clean lines always picked out with perfection.

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