1. javier-garcia-01

    Javier Garcia

    Javier Garcia is a graphic designer and illustrator based in San Francisco, California. Applying his playful sensibilities to a variety of professional identity, print, and web design projects for about a decade. Some of his clients include Coca-Cola, Corona, Target, North Face, Facebook and Google.

  2. tim-boelaars-01

    Tim Boelaars

    Tim Boelaars is a designer and illustrator who lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He specialises in iconography and has created icons, logos, and graphic illustrations for a plethora of big brands and magazines.

  3. jean-charles-desevre-01

    Jean-Charles Desevre

    Presenting the exquisitely intricate work of Jean-Charles Desevre. A French graphic artist based in the picturesque coastal region of Normandy. He has a penchant for old-timely graphic design reminiscent of the ostentatious designs of the Victorian era. As such, his work is apt to premium and luxury products.

  4. justin-mezzell-001

    Justin Mezzell

    Justin Mezzell is a designer-slash-illustrator living in Orlando, Florida. I like the interesting way he uses geometry to create his work. The sun-blushed colours and gritty textures create a nice aesthetic. Justin is at perfectly at home illustrating weapons, buildings and complicated techy things (that I fear even attempting in my own work). He also creates user interfaces, which you can see more of on his website.

  5. james-boorman-002

    James Boorman

    Aussie James Boorman recently put up his new website, housing his illustration projects. His site currently has his series of pop culture characters and a couple of other pieces, and he is sure to add more in time. Do take a look; I’m sure you’ll find it fun!

  6. lotta-nieminen-001

    Lotta Nieminen

    Lotta Nieminen is an illustrator and graphic designer from Finland. She has previously worked for fashion magazine Trendi, Pentagram and RoAndCo Studio, but now enjoys working as a freelancer. Her illustration clients include Hermès, New York Times, Volkswagen, United Airlines and Marks & Spencer. I like the way she plays with perspective in her work. She cleverly uses simple shapes that form intricate, striking visuals.

  7. santiago-vecino-002

    Santiago Vecino

    I believe Santiago is the first Uruguayan illustrator we have posted about on the Lounge; we thought we’d begin on a high note! His extraordinary illustrations can tell a story in a single image.  I really like his series of illustrations depicting a tall monument, each with a clever message. I won’t explain, it’ll just spoil it; go and see for yourself.