1. Sheree Domingo

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    Sheree is currently studying Illustration and Comic Art at the Achool of Art and Design Kassel, Germany. Her blog has a huge amount of work, especially comics. I love her alternative ‘indie’ style, which is quite abstract and loose. I really hope to see her work in my favourite comic shop, Gosh in London, one day soon. She seems the sort to be unconstrained by our ‘set rules’ of how to create comics, and I believe it’s people like her who will break the mould and do incredibly exciting things with the medium.

  2. Christi du Toit

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    Christi du Toit is a graphic design student and self taught illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa. He creates some excellent illustrated CD skins. I like the humorous style, and a lot of his works are almost like very polished doodles; they are very playful with elements weaving in and out of each other. Take a look at his Behance page, or alternatively his Dribbble page for more.

  3. Dasha Tolstikova

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    Dasha Tolstikova lives and works in New York. She is a doodler extraordinaire, creating all sorts of interesting work, such as her ‘Book of Lonely Children’ and her work in progress titled ’12: A Year Without Mom’, which looks intriguing and I’m sure will be a great piece of work. I’m not sure if her works are autobiographical at all, but she does pick interesting subject matter and you can feel some real truth coming through. Her style carries a child-like innocence, which is perfect for the type of subjects she draws. Her handwriting is adorable (quite an achievement if you consider she uses only capital letters).

  4. Rich Gemmell

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    Rich Gemmell is inspired by his everyday life. I particularly like the way he plays with perspective in clever and interesting ways. It reminds me of the experimental animation styles UPA pushed out in the 50s.

    “Half traditional, half digital I strive to maintain a hand drawn look.”

    Clients include The Guardian, Sunday Times Magazine and Amelia’s Magazine.

    Be inspired; visit Rich’s website for more.

  5. Timothy Banks

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    “Like his ancestor, Davy Crockett, Tim was born on a mountaintop in Asheville, North Carolina. Picking up a crayon at the tender age of three – he never looked back.”

    I am a big admirer of Timothy’s work. I love the sketchy, scribbly marks that magically look so polished and beautiful. His illustrations always capture the mood so well, whatever the subject may be.

    His clients include Nike, Marvel and McGraw-Hill. He has a whole bunch of accolades too; find out more on his website.

  6. Fashion Fridays ~ Masha Karpushina

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    Masha is based in London, where she creates wild and intricate illustrations for various clients such as Vodafone, Mercedes and All Saints. Her images start off as handmade, and are then manipulated digitally to enhance the colours and textures. Some of her work uses brilliantly vivid colours, but even her black and white work packs a real punch. Visit her Behance page here.