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    Jul 2013

    Manga Mondays ~ Uturo

    uturo-01 uturo-02 uturo-03 uturo-04

    Something very different for this week’s Manga Monday. Presenting the beautiful chaos of Uturo. Her striking digital paintings are bombarded with colour and expression. They embrace the same nature of freedom that traditional paintings have, allowing her to get away with what I like to call “happy accidents”. A style rarely seen in digital painting, and a welcome digression from the controlled work we are accustomed to. You can find more of Uturo’s work on her deviantArt page.

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    Jul 2013

    Zhang Webber

    zhang-webber-001 zhang-webber-002 zhang-webber-003 zhang-webber-004 zhang-webber-005

    Zhang Webber is from Shanghai, China. He uses all kinds of techniques including pencil, watercolours, digital and traditional painting. He more often than not leaves behind intentionally sketchy marks, and his colours are made up of separate blocks rather than being smooth and nicely blended. This all fits together to create an imperfection that works so well, probably because he gets the basics right in the first place. His anatomy, composition and general observational skills are obviously excellent.

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    May 2013

    Manga Mondays ~ Jen Zee

    jen-zee-04 jen-zee-02 jen-zee-05 jen-zee-01 jen-zee-03

    Jen Zee is an American illustrator and art director for Supergiant Games. She worked on Supergiant’s first release, Bastion—a role-playing game set in colourful fantasy world. Zee’s stylisation does vary but for the most part strong manga influences are very clear. Her lush painting style and dramatic lighting give her work an arresting cinematic feel. Be sure to check out more of Zee’s work on her deviantArt page.

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    Dec 2012

    Maria Menshikova

    maria-menshikova-001 maria-menshikova-002 maria-menshikova-003 maria-menshikova-004

    Today we share the wonderful work of Russian illustrator Maria Menshikova. She works in various styles, though her black and white work stands out as something absolutely unique and incredible. I honestly can’t tell if she blends in photo-manipulation with traditional illustration, or if is all traditional hand-made work. The strong line-work alongside some soft tones and gritty textures works so well, the imagery doesn’t need colour to be powerful and exciting; it’s simply brilliant! I highly recommend visiting her website to sample every bit of her portfolio. Head on over…

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