“deviant art”

  1. Manga Mondays ~ Ippus

    Fantasy style manga illustrator Ippus has some nifty pin-up illustrations on her Deviant Art page. The digital colours are applied to good effect, and she pays a lot of attention to the clothing and accessories of her characters. See more here.

  2. Manga Mondays ~ Chong FeiGiap

    Malaysian manga artist Chong FeiGiap has some stunning work available to see on Deviant Art. The portfolio consists of different sections, so look out for the ‘Schoolgirl’ section which has some incredible background art, as well as the ‘Traditional and Student Period’ section for more realistic work. The background art includes a great piece which has traditional houses stacked on top of one another, seemingly reaching for the heavens. See for yourself…

  3. Manga Mondays ~ Tincek-Marincek

    Slovenian twin sisters Valentina and Marina (Tincek-Marincek) create some superb pin-ups and share a Deviant Art page. You’ll find a lot of fantasy themed manga art amongst other illustration work, beautifully crafted with splashes of digital effects. I chose a few highlights to display here, but do visit their web page if you like what you see.