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    Nov 2012

    Belinda Strong

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    Bee is from Melbourne, Australia. She’s a whiz at creating simple, bright, cute characters and patterns that find their way onto cushions, fabrics, greetings cards and more! Looking through her blog, you’ll find a master class in self-branding. It’s also evident that she lives and breathes this brand (baking cakes, making jam, gardening and collecting buttons). This is a good platform to sell her own products and it’s always reassuring to approach an illustrator whose style is consistent; that way you know what to expect.

    Visit the Little Beehive, Belinda’s website. 

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    Mar 2012

    Harriet Seed

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    Harriet creates wonderful themed patterns and illustrations. She is another excellent illustrator from Brighton, on the south coast of England. Her work has appeared on Threadless, the online t-shirt shop/community, but she also has cushions and prints available featuring her work. Harriet’s clients include Steven Alan NY, The Fox is Black, RADA and Digital Arts Magazine.

    Thanks to Owen Protheroe for the suggestion.

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