1. Rima Neverland

    Presenting the work of Toronto-based illustrator, Rima Neverland. Before you ask, no, sadly that is not her real surname. What is real, is her enthusiasm for illustrations. Apparently surviving off pizza alone, Rima produces quirky and cheerful characters employing a wonderful bright pallet and subtle textures. You can see more of her work on her website.

  2. Manga Mondays ~ Benjamin Zhang Bin

    Beijing-based Benjamin Zhang Bin is a comic artist best known for his brightly coloured painted style. He gained popularity in the west due to his stunning cover work for Marvel Comic’s titles X-Men Origins: Emma Frost and New Mutants. He has also written and illustrated manhuas including Orange (2006) and Remember (2004). Not your typical black and white manhua style, it often takes Benjamin much longer to produce work, with Orange rumouring to have taken three years to produce. See more of his illustrations over on his blog.

  3. Manga Mondays ~ Ein Lee

    For this weeks Manga Monday we are happy to present the stunning work of Ein Lee! She is quite simply a colour-wizz! Every single one of her pieces are so exceptionally coloured that you almost take for granted her skilled draftsmanship. She also has a brilliant tutorial on the website, so you too can colour just like Ein!

  4. Aaron Jasinski

    Aaron Jasinski is a musical illustrator / painter who resides near Seattle Washington with his wife and 4 children. As well as his more personal work, he illustrates children’s books, album covers and even creates his own electronic music. His ultra colourful paintings often “feature musical and nostalgic themes peppered with social commentary and whimsical creatures (think morose hipsters mingling with monkeys in space suits).”

  5. Samantha Kallis

    2010 graduate Sam Kallis’s tumblr is filled vibrant characters and thoughtfully captured sketches. Her style is a perfect blend of precision and vivaciousness, add that to her brilliant grasp of colour pallets, combine to create truly stunning work. See more of her work on her website.