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    May 2013

    Christian Wischnewski aka Wischnik

    christian-wischnewski-wischnik-001 christian-wischnewski-wischnik-002 christian-wischnewski-wischnik-003 christian-wischnewski-wischnik-004 christian-wischnewski-wischnik-005

    Wischnik was born in Wolgast, and now lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His website portfolio is a must-see. It’s full of all sorts of styles and mediums, including vector, animation, collage, traditional inked illustration, digital illustration and even a great little comic strip simply titled ‘Oh’. You can definitely see that this is someone who enjoys their work. And I enjoyed it too.

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    Mar 2013

    Lianne Harrison

    lianne-harrison-001 lianne-harrison-002 lianne-harrison-003 lianne-harrison-004

    Lianne Harrison is from the Malvern Hills, and now works from London. Most of her illustrations use a collage technique, and she also makes great use of her handwriting to give her work a unique feel. She’s created book jackets, illustrated maps and some great editorial illustrations. Clients include GQ Magazine, Spiral Productions and The Vegan Society. She was shortlisted for The Penguin Design Award in 2009 and in 2011 her work was selected by The Association of Illustrators to exhibit at the London Transport Museum. Visit her website to see more…

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    Mar 2013

    Fashion Fridays ~ Alina Filipoiu

    alina-filipoiu-001 alina-filipoiu-002 alina-filipoiu-003 alina-filipoiu-004 alina-filipoiu-005

    Alina is a freelance illustrator and architecture student from Romania. She uses photography, traditional and digital methods to create her work. Witty, provocative and intelligent, with visuals that’ll send you into a delightful frenzy; that’s how I’d describe her work in a sentence. There’s always something a little bit different and edgy about each piece of work, so I hope you enjoy the post. Thanks for getting in touch, Alina! Head on over to her Behance page to see more.

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    Nov 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ María Caleis

    maria-caleis-2 maria-caleis-1 maria-caleis-3 maria-caleis-4

    Self taught illustrator María Caleis produces beautiful layered artwork. Based in Spain her clients include Jean-Paul Gaultier, Paulette Magazine and Dash Magazine. Her sensual work makes excellent uses desaturated tones and repeat patterns. A good place to see more of Caleis’s illustrations is on her behance page.

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    Nov 2012

    Cally Johnson-Isaacs

    cally-johnson-isaacs-001 cally-johnson-isaacs-002 cally-johnson-isaacs-003

    Cally worked for several years as an in-house illustrator for the greetings card industry. She now works freelance from her pink-themed studio in Newcastle, England. Her contemporary, fun style is dainty and delightful, featuring a host of cute characters.

    “Inspiration comes from almost anything; a countryside walk, star gazing, music, a picnic on the beach, tending her vegetable patch, attempting to skip stones, even panda bears. (Though she’s yet to meet one).”

    Visit her Flickr Portfolio.

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