1. Aistė Stancikaitė

    Lithuanian-born Aistė Stancikaitė is an illustrator and photographer. Her carefully rendered pencil drawings have featured in Wired, Variety, Stylist, Intern Mag, and Condé Nast Traveler.

  2. Sam Pierpoint

    Sam Pierpoint is a Bristol-based illustrator, designer and installation artist. She handcrafts intricate and charming 3D paper sculptures that can be seen in advertising campaigns, magazines, packaging and window displays.

  3. Owen Gatley

    Owen Gatley is a freelance illustrator currently based in Bristol, England. He creates retro-inspired illustrations with landscape evocative of golden age travel posters frequented with frolicking folk.

  4. Chris Malbon

    Chris Malbon is a freelance Illustrator and Designer, based in Bristol, England. He graduated from New College Redditch, where he studied Graphic Design. Over 15 years, Malbon has work worked on campaigns for Coca-Cola, Sony, Unilever, Carhartt, Nestle, Nike, MTV and many more. He has even collaborated with one of our favourite design studios, ilovedust.

  5. Dave Grey

    Having only recently discovering Dave Grey, I sadly know too little about him. However, I can share with you two titbits, 1. he is based in Bristol and 2. he is a pixel artist. If you flicked through the gallery, you may have guessed “fact” number 2 already.

  6. Kyle Smart

    Presenting Kyle Smart. Part-time tutor at Bristol UWE, member of the Drawn In Bristol collective, and full time freelance Illustrator. Predominately working in editorial illustration, he creates images for magazines and book covers. Some of his previous clients include Variety Magazine, Readers Digest, NoBrow Press, The Wall Street Journal, and Computer Arts.

  7. Ben Steers

    Ben Steers is based in Bristol, south-west England. In his portfolio, you’ll find an impressive array of works including character design, t-shirts, Mac skins, jigsaw puzzles, editorial illustration and much more. Ben seems to have a great sense of design which comes through in a lot of his work. The various 2D and 3D canvasses he applied his illustrations to are a testament to the adaptability and versatility of both him and his illustration style.