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  1. Fashion Fridays ~ Peter Jeroense

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    Peter Jeroense is a fashion illustrator born 1966 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He studied Fashion Design and Fashion Illustration at the Academy of Visual Arts (now Willem de Kooning Academy), graduating in 1988 with Honours.

    After graduating Jeroense, along with Anja Koops, began the fashion brand Ell = Bell. Despite receiving positive attention from the international fashion press, the pair had to close it down in 1991 due to financial problems. Following the company’s closure, Jeroense taught at an art academy, as well as working as a freelance print designer, stylist, and fashion editor for Blvd. Magazine. After trying everything, he felt that he was best-suited to illustration, as it encompassed the most of what he and enjoyed.

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  2. Sheree Domingo

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    Sheree is currently studying Illustration and Comic Art at the Achool of Art and Design Kassel, Germany. Her blog has a huge amount of work, especially comics. I love her alternative ‘indie’ style, which is quite abstract and loose. I really hope to see her work in my favourite comic shop, Gosh in London, one day soon. She seems the sort to be unconstrained by our ‘set rules’ of how to create comics, and I believe it’s people like her who will break the mould and do incredibly exciting things with the medium.

  3. DZO Olivier

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    DZO Olivier is an illustrator and artist currently living in France. His work reminds me of the power found in simple black and white ink illustration, with its intricacies and imagination. If you visit his Behance page, do take a look at his ‘Inkstinctive’ project. The artist describes this project as follows:

    No eraser, no pencil Every mistake is an opportunity to create unexpected images.This work explores the interconnections between inert matter and living matter. At the same time, I still explore processes of the unconscious.

    His coloured paintings bring about an exciting hint of David Mack’s work (comic readers will no doubt remember David’s stunning ‘Kabuki’ books).

  4. Souloff

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    Though vector artist Souloff works in colour, her black and white work is equally powerful. Her outlines are smooth and sensual, with fat black marker lines thrown in to great effect. You can see influence from night club flyers, and also graffiti ([particularly in some of the lettering). Her ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’ series is inspired by fables and fairy tales, but with a modern twist. Do take a look at her website for more…

  5. Otto Von Beach

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    I cannot attempt to better the write-up on Otto Von Beach’s website, so here it is:

    “Born in 1857, his successful career as an artist was interrupted while on an expedition to Siberia in 1896. Swept away by a freak uphill avalanche, Otto lay frozen in the Russian ice for the next 114 years.

    Discovered by a passing hiker in March 2010, Otto’s body was sent to Moscow for routine analysis. There, scientists were astonished to discover faint signs of life and immediate steps were taken to resuscitate him.

    After a lengthy and painful period of thawing, Otto was restored to full health and reunited with his descendants.

    He has resumed his career as an illustrator and now shares a studio with his great-great-grandson and illustrator, Beach.


  6. Maria Menshikova

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    Today we share the wonderful work of Russian illustrator Maria Menshikova. She works in various styles, though her black and white work stands out as something absolutely unique and incredible. I honestly can’t tell if she blends in photo-manipulation with traditional illustration, or if is all traditional hand-made work. The strong line-work alongside some soft tones and gritty textures works so well, the imagery doesn’t need colour to be powerful and exciting; it’s simply brilliant! I highly recommend visiting her website to sample every bit of her portfolio. Head on over…