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    Aug 2014

    Dave the Chimp

    dave-the-chimp-01 dave-the-chimp-02 dave-the-chimp-03 dave-the-chimp-04 dave-the-chimp-05

    Dave the Chimp is a multi-disciplinary artist and skateboard zealot from London, residing in Berlin. Often sharing his talents on the streets around the world, Mr Chimp has also contributed to books, fanzines, skateboard graphics and videos.

    His array of work has been exhibited (indoors) in London, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Milano and Barcelona. Mr Chimp’s video work include music videos for Robots in Disguise and Puppini Sisters, as well as commercials for Badly Drawn Boy and Led Zeppelin.

    Find out more about Dave the Chimp by checking out his website.

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    Feb 2012

    Sandra Juto

    sandra-juto-001 sandra-juto-002 sandra-juto-003

    Sandra is a Swede living and working in Berlin, Germany. As well as creating beautiful illustrations, she is a graphic designer and runs a small online shop here, where you can find her knitted ‘wrist worms’, which I thought were really cool.

    Her clients include The Art of Eating, Bang, Lines & Shapes and Motorola.

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    Dec 2011


    eboy01 eboy02 eboy03 eboy05 eboy04

    eBoy comprises of Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital and is probably the most famous name in the world of pixel art. Their painstakingly complex pieces leave the viewer ogling, searching out all the tiny details, that could otherwise be missed. The group have had a prolific career. They have produced toys, bags, skateboard decks, various fashion pieces, had tons of exhibitions and have worked with far too many names to mention! You can find more of their work on their website.

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