1. Gary J Lucken

    Gary J Lucken is a self-confessed pixel junkie also known as ‘Army of Trolls’. He was born in London, and now works from Switzerland drawing inspiration from video games, toys and pop culture. His clients include BBC, Honda, Sony, The Guardian and Nestle.

  2. Peskimo

    Jodie and David have been working under the name of Peskimo since 2004. Since they started working together, the duo have created a series of toys for Kid Robot, their creations have appeared on t-shirts, billboards, in newspapers, magazines and more. Thier fun and friendly style has won over big clients such as Sony, Barclays, MTV, BBC and Vodafone.

  3. George Bletsis

    George Bletsis is an illustrator currently living and working in the UK.  His strong, angular lines and carefully selected colours complement each other to create a visual style that is interesting and edgy. His editorial work is clever and almost leaps right off the page!

  4. Hazel Adams

    Hazel is a UK based wildlife illustrator with a real passion for the natural world. Her work is rich in detail, and she seems comfortable tackling challenging creatures such as fish and birds, insects and…anything for that matter!

  5. Neil Webb

    Neil is based in the UK and recently completed his post-graduate studies at Central St Martins. His clients include BBC, M&C Saatchi, The Financial Times, Sony and Virgin Atlantic. I really like the clever way Neil plays with contrast in his work. Every piece on his website portfolio is really well thought out. He really has a lot of excellent work, so head on over; ideas and inspiration galore!

  6. Fashion Fridays ~ Andrew Archer

    Andrew was born in New Zealand, where he grew up with pens and paint. As he grew older, the computer became accessible and so he learnt how to mix his traditional techniques with digital to create his own style of illustration. Though his fashion illustrations are beautiful, he is not limited to this genre and also creates editorial illustration, advertising, web, storyboards and more. His client list includes WIRED, ESPN, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBC, Random House and a host of other big names. If you like what you see here, visit his website for more.