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    Mar 2014

    Brandon James Scott

    brandon-james-scott-01 brandon-james-scott-02 brandon-james-scott-03 brandon-james-scott-04 brandon-james-scott-05

    The Loungers have all been long-time fans of Brandon James Scott’s work. It has it all; consideration, charisma, humour, and longevity. It combines rough textures with lush and harmonious colours.

    On top of his illustrator hat, Mr. Scott he has also worn Art Director, Director, Designer and Writer. Working across an array of fields with a range of clients including JibJab Media, Mattel Entertainment, Ogilvy & Mather, Disney, and Nickelodeon. Mr. Scott is also the creator and art director of the Emmy-nominated Justin Time.

    Clearly hard-working, Mr. Scott has also written and illustrated two children’s books as well as co-illustrating the The Longest Christmas List Ever, alongside JibJab founder Evan Spiridellis.

    You can find more of Mr. Scott’s wonderful work on his website.

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    Jun 2013

    Olga Stern

    olga-stern-03 olga-stern-01 olga-stern-04 olga-stern-05 olga-stern-02

    Olga Stern is a Toronto-based illustrator and visual-development artist. Her portfolio is a wash of cheerful characters and mediums. Although, it is pretty clear to see her biggest strength is her sweeping background designs. They are exquisitely textured, the colours are vibrant but harmonious, and they are in every sense of the word picturesque. Stern’s previous clients include Pixar, Laika, ACME filmworks, and Head Gear Animation. You can find more of her work by heading to her website.

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    May 2013

    Justin Patrick Parpan

    justin-patrick-parpan-001 justin-patrick-parpan-002 justin-patrick-parpan-003 justin-patrick-parpan-004

    I stumbled upon Justin’s blog today (and I think I looked through every page). He is currently working at Disney Studios, and he also creates a lot of fun illustrated work in his spare time. I really like his background art, which is simple, yet beautiful. You’ll also find on his blog some comic strips, character design, illustrated skateboards and the list goes on. Super talent, and extremely inspiring.

    Note: Interestingly, we previously featured Justin’s brother Josh on The Lounge.

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    Apr 2013

    Todd Harris

    todd-harris-001 todd-harris-002 todd-harris-003 todd-harris-004

    Todd Harris has created a lot of artwork for the gaming industry and is the talented illustrator behind the hilarious ‘Heroes Guide to…’ books. You have to admire his super-rich colours, fun-filled fantasy characters and his great compositions. His backgrounds are almost dream-like. Find more stuff of dreams on his blog.

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