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    Nov 2015

    Paul Robertson

    paul-robertson-01 paul-robertson-02 paul-robertson-03 paul-robertson-04 paul-robertson-05 paul-robertson-06

    Paul Robertson is nothing short of a pixel art superstar. Not since eBoy has a pixel artist’s thumbprint been everywhere you turn. Born in Victoria, Australia, Robertson has worked on feature films, Short films, contributed to television and many video games.

    Robertson has worked closely with independent game studio Tribute Games on all three of their games thus far. Mercenary Kings, the action-packed platform game, looked to Kickstater to find the funding they needed. The response was 3,880 backers helped them rack up well over their $75,000 goal. For Tribute’s most recent offering, Curses ‘N Chaos, Robertson animated the opening, Ending and Boss segments of the game.

    He has also provided animations for the Disney’s Gravity Falls. His handy work made a prevailing appearance in the season one episode, “Fight Fighters” and again in season two’s “Soos and the Real Girl.” Robertson also regularly animates gifs and shorts for Adult Swim, including my personal favourite, the four-part adventure of Super Dino Boys. It contains all his hallmarks, kaleidoscopic colours, absurd characters erratically bouncing around the screen, all set to a palpitating 8-bit theme.

    He applied those same hallmarks the SIMPSONS PIXELS. Teaming up with his roomie and fellow pixel artist, Ivan Dixon, to create one of the best piece of fanart you are likely to behold. It has passed four million views on YouTube. The pair talked a little bit about the animation’s conception, process and reaction in an interview with Symphonic Pixels. The animation was later used for The Simpson’s episode intro, My Fare Lady.

    The best place to keep up with Paul Robertson is his Tumblr. You should also check out some of his older work on LiveJournal.

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    Feb 2015

    Martin Brown

    martin-brown-01 martin-brown-02 martin-brown-03 martin-brown-04 martin-brown-05 martin-brown-06

    Martin Brown, along with his partner in crime Terry Deary, are heroes to parents and children across the world. Their combined efforts on Horrible Histories has made reading and learning more fun and accessible to many. Their work, along with their publisher’s Scholastic, have spawned over 100 titles, animated and live-action TV series, video games, theatre and roadshows, a magazine, and a plethora of merchandising. Spanning two decades, Horrible Histories is nothing short of a phenomenon.

    Martin Brown was born 1959 in Melbourne, Australia. After setting his mind on teaching he went to college to become an art teacher. However, he didn’t see it through, rather after a short couple of years working in television, Brown packed his bags and set off to see the world. Like many Aussies, he made his way to London, but unlike most he decided to stay. One can only assume it was the great weather and pace of life that persuaded him. Alternatively, it could have been the fact that he started to get work in what he loved doing, drawing.

    Brown worked his way up, starting from the odd editorial illustration to greeting cards.

    Side note: I went through a phase of collecting greeting cards, if I ever saw an illustrator I liked. Martin Brown’s work was a perticular favourite of mine, many of which I still have stored away.

    Building up a reputation, Brown soon started drawing for magazines and books. His career got the boost it needed when he landed the job of illustrating Peter Corey’s book, Coping With Parents. The book was published by Hippo Books, an imprint of Scholastic, beginning Brown’s fruitful relationship them. More recently, Martin Brown illustrated a re-issue of The Adventures of the New Cut Gang. Written by the esteemed Philip Pullman, of His Dark Materials fame.

    I have waited and hoped for Martin Brown to claim a corner of the internet where he can put up some of his more personal work, amongst his commercial ones. Sadly that wait goes on. However, for now you can find his illustrations all over the Horrible Histories website. You can, of coarse, just go to your bookshelf and get down your copy of a Horrible Histories book, we all have (at least) one!

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    Apr 2013

    Fashion Fridays ~ Kelly Smith

    kelly-smith-001 kelly-smith-002 kelly-smith-003 kelly-smith-004 kelly-smith-005

    Kelly Smith works from her home studio in Tasmania, Australia. Her pencil and paint style has attracted clients from all over the globe including Vogue, Net-a-Porter and H&M. Her book ‘Sticker Fashionista’ was published by Laurence King in 2012. Here’s how Kelly describes it:

    “For the little ladies in your lives, and the young at heart, Sticker Fashionista is a series of scenes depicting stylish girlies all over the globe, accompanied by endless sheets of stickers with which to create your own outfits. Think sleek Manhattanites, ‘it girl’ Londoners, Parisian models, festival free-spirits, and more…You become your very own sticker stylist!”

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    Mar 2013

    Fashion Fridays ~ Shelsey Birch

    shelsea-birch-001 shelsea-birch-002 shelsea-birch-003 shelsea-birch-004

    Shelsey Birch is a freelance graphic designer from Australia. Her illustrations are quite gentle in tone, often depicting women wearing fantastical fashions in nice detail. Shelsey’s experiments with type are ravishing and definitely worth a look. Visit her website to see more of her work.

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