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    Apr 2013

    Fashion Fridays ~ Kelly Smith

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    Kelly Smith works from her home studio in Tasmania, Australia. Her pencil and paint style has attracted clients from all over the globe including Vogue, Net-a-Porter and H&M. Her book ‘Sticker Fashionista’ was published by Laurence King in 2012. Here’s how Kelly describes it:

    “For the little ladies in your lives, and the young at heart, Sticker Fashionista is a series of scenes depicting stylish girlies all over the globe, accompanied by endless sheets of stickers with which to create your own outfits. Think sleek Manhattanites, ‘it girl’ Londoners, Parisian models, festival free-spirits, and more…You become your very own sticker stylist!”

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    Mar 2013

    Fashion Fridays ~ Shelsey Birch

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    Shelsey Birch is a freelance graphic designer from Australia. Her illustrations are quite gentle in tone, often depicting women wearing fantastical fashions in nice detail. Shelsey’s experiments with type are ravishing and definitely worth a look. Visit her website to see more of her work.

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