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    Mar 2014

    Victor Hugo

    victor-hugo-01 victor-hugo-02 victor-hugo-03 victor-hugo-04 victor-hugo-05

    Victor Hugo Queiroz is a 3D artist from Brazil. Winner of multiple awards including CGTalk Choice Award, 3DTotal Excelence Award, and CGHub Gold Award. Hugo currently works for Techno Image, along side previously featured artist, Pedro Conti.

    Self-taught, Hugo has developed a comical manga-influenced style for his personal work. His character’s have large luring eyes, and rubbery skin which further exaggerate their playfulness. I will leave you with a very good quote I read on Hugo’s Facebook page:

    “Everyone has something to learn, everyone has something to teach”

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    Jul 2013

    Giveaway! Beginner’s Guide to Creating Manga Art

    manga-art-01 manga-art-05 manga-art-04 manga-art-02 manga-art-03

    Continuing the jubilations of our newly reinvigorated website, we have a wonderful competition for all our dedicated Loungers. The kind folks at 3DTotal have supplied us with a copy of Beginner’s Guide to Creating Manga Art to give away!

    Book Description:

    Beginner’s Guide to Creating Manga Art explores the topic of manga art, starting from basic character design and progressing to full color images. Industry greats including Steven Cummings and Gonzalo Ordoñez open a window into their world and present tutorials covering everything from drawing features, anatomy and expressions to designing clothing, perfecting poses and coloring characters with a variety of traditional and digital artistic tools. Bursting with knowledge and brilliant artwork, Beginner’s Guide to Creating Manga Art is an unmissable title for anyone wanting to learn how to capture that classic manga style.

    For your chance to win a copy, you must simply do two things:

    1. Firstly you need to follow either our Facebook page or our Twitter (if you are not already following us).
    2. Secondly you MUST answer the following question by either pasting the your answer on our Facebook wall or on Twitter using our tag @the_loungers.


    Which very famous anime recently celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary?

    All answers must be in before the 16th of August 2013. A winner will be selected at random and announced on the 17th of August 2013 and contacted via Facebook or Twitter.

    Good Luck!

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    Jun 2013

    Book Review ~ Prime – The Definitive Digital Art Collection

    prime-01 prime-fantasy-reynan-sanchez prime-fantasy-yukari-masuike prime-fantasy-mateusz-lenart prime-cartoons-guillaume-ospital prime-cartoons-guillermo-soria prime-scenes-morteza-najafi prime-characters-valentina-remenar prime-sci-fi-sergio-diaz

    Prime showcases the pinnacle of digital artistic achievement from around the globe in a definitive collection of 21st century CG artwork.

    This unique set of five books is housed in a single slipcase, with each book devoted to a classic gallery theme – sci-fi, character, cartoon, fantasy or scenes – and featuring stunning, world-class work that comes courtesy of some of the greatest artists in the industry.

    Never before has a collection of this magnitude been released. Prime brings together over 400 top-quality pieces in one easily accessible set of books, for your immediate viewing pleasure. Whatever your artistic tastes, the tantalizing mix of fantastical creatures, humorous caricatures, sweeping landscapes and fascinating characters on offer in Prime is guaranteed to capture your imagination and leave you with a timeless source of inspiration that you can return to again and again.

    The Book Review:

    First of all, I must note the substantial presentation of Prime. Five perfect-bound books snugly protected by a rather hefty glossy slipcase. Each book’s cover is adorned with a spot UV illustration, and the interiors are vibrantly printed on large glossy paper.

    Prime, as well as being a very attractive coffee table piece works very well as an introduction to world of digital illustration. It showcases illustrators from a broad range of styles and techniques. For the most part each artist only has one page, with the occasional few having two to three pages. Which is why I say it works well as an introduction, with so few images per illustrator, it definitely encourages you to seek out more about individual illustrators.

    Each image is titled, credited and names the software used. The predominant technique showcased across all five books is, unsurprisingly, digital painting. However, the editors do a good job of breaking this up with varying styles, including some breathtaking examples 3D rendering—mostly found in the Scenes book. There are also good examples of less rendered illustrations, almost completely flat colours, as well as more experimental and expressive painting techniques. On the whole I would say it caters better for those wanting to see great examples of realistic digital painting, but there are enough gems showcasing other techniques to keep any eclectic Lounger happy.

    If I had to choose a volume, I would say Cartoons is my probably my favourite. It is the one with the most varied styles, and the most light-hearted. A few of the illustrators that stood out (some in the slideshow above) were Reynan Sanchez, Yukari Masuike, Mateusz Lenart, Guillermo Soria, Morteza Najafi, Valentina Remenar, Sergio Diaz, Guillaume Ospital as well a couple illustrator’s we have previously featured on the Lounge Peter Oedekoven, and Max Kostenko. All illustrators featured across the books are top-notch; these are just some of the ones that appealed to my personal tastes.

    To find out more about Prime – The Definitive Digital Art Collection, and perhaps discover a new favourite illustrator, head over go to the 3DTotal website.

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    Feb 2013

    3DTotal Launches LayerPaint

    layerpaint-01 layerpaint-03 layerpaint-04 layerpaint-02

    Our friends at 3DTotal have just launched LayerPaint, a great new resource site dedicated to 2D digital painting. It is already filled with resources, tutorials, and inspiration galleries. here is what 3DTotal had to say about their latest venture,

    LayerPaint allows you to browse the gallery, interviews, news, tutorials and products all dedicated to 2D digital art. On top of that, we have included a free custom brushes library that is available to all our LayerPaint audience.

    We wish LayerPaint to be a definitive resource for digital painting, creating a friendly and educational environment that not only helps budding and experienced CG artists alike, but also showcases some of the best computer generated artwork in the world.

    You can also keep tabs on LayerPaint’s updates by following their Facebook and Twitter page.

    In other news

    We had a great response from January’s Giveaway, so a very big thank you to everyone who entered. We have announced the winner. We are now working on this months competition and will be posting it soon, so stay tuned!

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    Jan 2013

    Pedro Conti

    pedro-conti-1 pedro-conti-2 pedro-conti-3 pedro-conti-4

    Humorous and highly skilled work from 3D illustrator Pedro Conti. Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil he is currently working as lead artist at Techno image. With a portfolio filled with expressive,larger than life illustrations it is no surprise that Mr. Conti has won a Cgchoice Award, CgHub Gold Award, and a 3DTotal Excellence Award…multiple times. You can check out more of his portfolio here on his website.

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