1. Kozhevnikov Yuriy

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    Kozhevnikov Yuriy is a Russian creative with all kinds of aesthetic skills, so his illustrations are often an amalgamation of different techniques. Photo-manipulation plays a big role in his work, along with 3D and digital painting, often coming together to create strange realities. If you visit his portfolio, you’ll also find website design, logo and identity work, advertising and more.

  2. André Smatik Ljosai

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    Today on The Lounge we have super talent André Smatik Ljosai aka Smatik. Art direction, illustration, motion graphics and graphic design are amongst his skill set, with many of the world’s biggest brands flocking to his creativity. He is also a trained lithographer and scallywag graffiti artist. He lives and works in Denmark, with clients including Aljazeera, Audi, Coca-Cola, Gilette, Haribo and Virgin Airlines.

  3. Xavi Ramiro

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    Xavi is from Barcelona, Spain. He recently contacted The Lounge to tell us about his new works: a video game for children called ‘Monsters Band’ and a 3D illustrated book titles ‘Como dos Lunas Ilena’ (As Two Full Moons); doesn’t that sound fun? His vector graphics are well suited to children’s books, as well as editorial work. He is also an animator and creates artwork for games, multimedia and websites as well as advertising and merchandise. Visit his website for more.

  4. Jaime Visedo Cañizares

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    I met Jaime when I was studying animation at KIAD. He was studying in Spain, but came over to England and joined our course for a few months as part of his degree. He put the whole class to shame with his incredible talent and hard work! His versatility is really impressive; he is a great character designer and animator in both 2D and 3D, he draws comics and is a natural story-teller too. He currently works at Kandor Graphics, who are definitely worth checking out and if you’d like to see more of Jaime’s work, visit his blog.

  5. Goro Fujita

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    Goro was born in Japan and grew up in Germany. He studied digital production at the German Film School where he learnt a lot about the 2D and 3D film making process, from start to finish. After freelancing as a character animator and visual development in Germany, he moved to Redwood City where he currently works for PDI/Dreamworks.

    Goro is a highly skilled craftsman, equally adept in traditional techniques as he is in 3D and digital painting. I particularly like the Iron Giant inspired robots doing very human things. From browsing through his website, you’ll see just how incredibly productive he is! Pop over and have a look…