1. Sam Flores


    Born in New Mexico Sam Flores adorns many title including visual artist, illustrator, and muralist. Moving to San Francisco with intentions of developing his creative side, he combined his unique graffiti flair with elements of fine art to produce a spellbinding storytelling style. Early on in his career he produced a lot of designs for skateboarding and clothing companies. Nowadays, he uses various mediums, including acrylics, pen and ink, and sculpture to produce a range of personal and public work.

    He explains the recurring theme of his characters’ postures, having their head down, eyes closed, and hands clenched as “hiding from the viewer, blind to their surroundings. They are withdrawn and self-involved. To see into their eyes means that you can see into their souls.” You can see some more of Sam Flores’s work on his website and his slightly more update-to-date blog.