1. Red Nose Studio


    Chris Sickels aka red nose studio is a humble yet highly skilled 3D sculptural illustrator and painter. He graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

    “After about 5 years of illustrating with paintings, I started to show some of my 3-D work that I had been working on the side for about 4 years. Eventually I was able to create images truer to my mind’s eye with the 3-D work and in a few years art directors started to see the potential in the 3-D work and it slowly grew from there. I don’t think I ever found my style, I think we are sort of finding each other after several years of trial and error and many more years of the same down the road.”

    We have been enjoying Chris’s work and following it for some time now and look forward to his future endeavours. To view more of his inspiring work check out his online portfolio.