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    Oct 2013

    Daniel Spacek

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    Daniel Spacek lives and works in Prague (Czech Republic) as a freelance artist. Daniel has recently produced a series of animated shorts for a popular new kids channel “ČT : D” for Czech television. These short animations are available to view on his official website as well as some more of his lovely illustrative and design works.

    Daniel also sells some rather nice and very reasonable prints over at society6.

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    Oct 2013

    Miguel Sousa

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    Miguel kindly got in touch with us via our official facebook fan page and boy are we glad that he did.

    His rather surrealistic work is a joy to look at. Although its predominantly illustration it does have a graphical vibe. His good use of negative spaces, typography and layout make him a fantastic modern editorial illustrator. Although he studied for a degree in graphic design he is now taking a masters in illustration and animation. We look forward to seeing more from this fellow.

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    Oct 2013

    Josh Cochran

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    In 2013, his work on Ben Kweller’s “Go Fly A Kite” received a Grammy nomination for Best Limited Edition Packaging. He has a number of side projects, and sometimes exhibits his silkscreens and drawings in galleries. Currently, Josh is working on his first children’s book, “New York, Inside And Out” (2014). Josh lives in Brooklyn with his small dog Porkchop.

    Josh’s professional creative work spans prestigious clients such as American Express, AOL, HSBC Bank, IBM and the New Yorker.

    Josh we salute you!

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    Oct 2013

    Taylor Krahenbuhl

    Taylor-Krahenbuhl-01 Taylor-Krahenbuhl-02 Taylor-Krahenbuhl-03

    Taylor Krahenbuhl is currently a full-time Concept & Cinematic Artist at ArenaNet. He also freelances as a character designer and illustrator for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

    Taylor’s character design harks back to the era of the genius Ronald Searle and is an absolute joy to browse. Want more? Swing on by his blogspot.

    BTW he also enjoys cold cereal with 1% milk.

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