1. Emilia Dziubak

    There is lovely warmth to Emilia Dziubak’s illustrations. Her children’s books are beautiful, and she’s even created a children’s cook book! I am totally smitten by her work and am sure many of you will be too. I had such a tough time picking some of my favourite illustrations to share with you; I highly recommend visiting her blog or Behance page.

  2. Tom Gilmour

    London-based illustrator Tom Gilmour creates detailed hand drawn black and white pieces. His work draws inspiration from a ranges of sources including tattoo art, native folk art, and Asian patterns. Mr. Gilmour’s marries rather morbid subject matters and symbology with beautiful intricate patterns to create intrigue. See more of Tom Gilmour’s work on his website.

  3. Joris Thys

    Based in Belgium, illustrator Joris Thys has a fun, carefree style. His characters expressions are exaggerated, and his perspectives are distorted, making his style fun and accessible for children. Mr. Thys’ watercolour pieces are often rendered analogously, and by way of complementing colours he directs focus and creates impact. To see more of Joris Thys’ work, check out his website.

  4. Alé Mercado

    Wonderful varied work from Illustrators Ireland and The Association of Illustrators member, Alé Mercado. His work is created completely digitally, however, takes influence from traditional printmaking techniques. His projects mainly consist of music or film culture, but approaches them by drawing influences from a wide range of sources. I love the assortment of styles that Mr. Mercado’s produces, and though I do feel some techniques are more successful than others, his fortitude to explore them for all to see has to be commended. Check out Mr. Mercado website and flickr page for more of his work.

  5. Olivia Wise

    California College of the Arts alumni, Olivia Wise, is a freelance illustrator based in San Francisco. Her acrylic and gouache paintings are often of an ordinary scene, but with a slight absurd twist. Her bold block colours and her slightly warped shapes add to the abstract nature of her pieces.

  6. Jayde A. Cardinalli

    Jayde is an illustrator currently living in San Francisco, USA. Not only is her work attractive, but it made me smile so it was an easy choice for today’s post. Her Prickly Pear Cactus project for Facebook Messenger is a great example of this, so do take a look on her website to see more. Clients include Modcloth, Public Bikes, Upper Playground and Facebook.