1. michael-meier-01

    Michael Meier

    Freelance illustrator and comic artist Michael Meier graduated from the prestigious German School of Art and Design Kassel. In 2007, whilst still studying, he co-founded indie-publishing company Rotopol. Who publish the glorious mini comic anthology, Dolor, as well as works by fellow illustrators including the likes of Mcbess and Maike Plenzke. In Meier’s freelance career he has worked with companies including Le Monde, Diplomatique, GQ and Men’s Health. His characters are full of personality and gusto, making his illustration look more like animation screen captures, rather then a standalone images. Find more of Meier’s work on his website.

  2. oren-haskins-05

    Oren Haskins

    Lots of different styles from London-based illustrator and designer, Oren Haskins. Yet, they all have a common thread. His drafts have eloquent and often rigid shapes. His pallets are muted and constrained. One may think that this combination may hinder any emotion or motion in the illustration, but in fact, the narrative is better for it. Check out more Haskins’ work on his website and blog.

  3. daniel-krall-04

    Daniel Krall

    I am absolutely loving the style of illustrator Daniel Krall. Punchy colours, loose line work and packed with textures. I further became besotted when I found out much of the work is done traditionally, it is a mix watercolour, gouache, acrylic and pixels. For a little more background for Krall, Here is a nice quote from his website:

  4. aurelie-neyret-01

    Aurélie Neyret

    Aurélie Neyret is a French freelance illustrator. Working across mediums from children’s books and magazines to trading cards. A couple years ago I treated myself to an original sketch via her Etsy shop. It arrived in brown envelope with an inked, and lightly pencilled, doodle on it. Inside was a thank you note with yet another cute doodle. Finally reaching the sketch, an energeticic pencil drawing of three girls, with yet another treat on the reverse! It is quite possibly one of my smartest and cherished purchases. Find more of Neyret’s work on her blog.

  5. todd-harris-001

    Todd Harris

    Todd Harris has created a lot of artwork for the gaming industry and is the talented illustrator behind the hilarious ‘Heroes Guide to…’ books. You have to admire his super-rich colours, fun-filled fantasy characters and his great compositions. His backgrounds are almost dream-like. Find more stuff of dreams on his blog.