1. Strange Oaks by Headless

    Strange Oaks is the short animation from super skilled Spanish studio, Headless. Headless is a small, but evidently, very well formed, independent animation studio headed up by Adrian Garcia, Victor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres. Their work is quite phenomenal for such a small team. It has a very quirky feel, but a slightly dark edge—very dark, in the case of Strange Oaks.

  2. Kali Ciesemier

    Freelance illustrator Kali Ciesemier is based in Baltimore, Maryland. She gained a BFA in Illustration at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where she now teaches in the Illustration department. After working as a concept artist at Big Huge Games she turned her hand at freelancing. Some of her clients include The New Yorker, Harper Collins, The Walrus, LA Times, and the Boston Globe. Her work is produced completely digitally using a graphics tablet. What is also nice about Kali Ciesemier’s illustrations, especially her personal work, is that her themes and genres cross a multitude of fields. Check out Ciesemier’s portfolio on her website, and also take a browse around her blog, where she has interesting workings and sketches.

  3. Fashion Fridays ~ Autumn Whitehurst

    New York based fashion illustrator Autumn Whitehurst has produced work across a range of media including advertising, editorial work, and CD covers. Her long client list consists of names such as Elle, Nylon Magazine, Victoria’s Secret, Vogue, American Eagle Outfitters and Marie Claire. An array of her beautiful vector illustration can be seen on the Illustration Division website.

  4. Patrick Leger

    I stumbled on Patrick Leger’s work a short while ago through the excellent promotional illustrations he created for Adult Swim’s Venture Bros.. As well as Turner Broadcasting, some of his other client’s include The New York Times, Esquire, Harper Collins, GQ and Google, but that’s not even half of the big names he has worked with. With a portfolio full of thoughtful, well composed and attention-grabbing pieces, I am not one bit surprised he is in such great demand. I do love his muted palette, and I am a patsy for his retro halftones effect. You can find more of Patrick Leger’s work on his website.

  5. Elliot Alfredius

    An obvious by-product of going to events such as ELCAF, is that you get to meet illustrators. New ones, ones whose work you may not have seen before. Just such an incident happened when I stumbled over to the Peow Studio table. Sat there were a couple of tidy Swedes, Elliot Alfredius and Hanna K.

  6. Carlos Lerma

    Carlos Lerma is based in Cancun, Mexico. I love his angular style full of vibrant colours; every piece is really beautiful and powerful. There are many illustrators using angular styles in a similar way, but Carlos has his style down. Totally fun, do take a look at his rainbow-coloured portfolio on Behance.