1. kawaii-hannah-001

    Manga Mondays ~ KawaiiHannah

    KawaiiHannah is an Australia based manga artist. She creates some very cute illustrations full of beautiful, vibrant colours. She is also a brilliant pixel artist, so there’s a very generous-sized gallery of animated gifs to browse through, if you like that sort of thing.

  2. kirsten-rothbart-001

    Kirsten Rothbart

    Kirsten Rothbart studies Illustration and Comic Art at the School of Art and Design Kassel in Germany. Her illustrations and short comics serve up some beautiful, colourful inks and unconventionally square-jawed characters that really come together well. I look forward to seeing more of her work, and wonder what subject matter she’ll tackle in her comics…Visit her Behance page, or alternatively her Tumblr.

  3. denise-nestor-01

    Denise Nestor

    Denise Nestor is a Dublin-based illustrator who marries realism with contemporary. By using simple device, such as one or two solid colours and faded lines her work creates intrigue. Her pencils are obviously fantastic but it’s her composition and use of these devices that make her work stand out from other realism artist. See more of her portfolio here.

  4. elodie-01

    Fashion Fridays ~ Ëlodie

    Brilliant behind the scenes video from fashion illustrator Ëlodie. It shows the techniques that she uses to get from scanned pencils to the final piece. As her work has a very hand-made feel, using splashes of watercolours and pencil line-work, it is amazing to see how much of it is manipulated digitally. See more, and keep up to date, of Elodie’s work by going to her blog.

  5. natasha-markina-001

    Natasha Markina

    I really enjoyed looking through Natasha’s Behance page. There isn’t a huge amount of work there, but it’s quality, not quantity, as every good portfolio should be. There is a nice playful innocence that comes through in every piece.

  6. joshua-middleton-001

    Joshua Middleton

    Joshua Middleton’s career began in the comic book industry, with his clean-cut style attracting several major comic book publishers including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and Image. He later went on to work in television animation and feature films for companies such as Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Universal and Sony Pictures Animation. Joshua is also one hell of a book cover artist…see more on his website.