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    Jan 2013

    George Bletsis

    george-bletsis-001 george-bletsis-002 george-bletsis-003

    George Bletsis is an illustrator currently living and working in the UK.  His strong, angular lines and carefully selected colours complement each other to create a visual style that is interesting and edgy. His editorial work is clever and almost leaps right off the page!

    George’s clients include The Financial Times, BBC, Incubator Games and IE Music.

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    Jan 2013

    Stuart Kim

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    Stuart’s portfolio includes a variety of concept art, illustrations, caricatures, fantasy art and sketches. His colours are jaw-dropping, and it’s great to see the detail in his sketches. He currently works in the video games industry, having worked previously in web design. I had a tough time picking a few illustrations to display here on The Lounge; see more on his excellent website. 

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    Jan 2013

    Pedro Campiche aka Corleone

    pedro-campiche-aka-corleone-001 pedro-campiche-aka-corleone-002 pedro-campiche-aka-corleone-003 pedro-campiche-aka-corleone-004

    Pedro Campiche, also known as AKA.CORLEONE is from Portugal. Pedro works as a freelance designer and illustrator and draws inspiration from graffiti.

    “Painting walls and running from dogs also gave me the addiction to typography, colour, painting, drawing all day, planning things in advance, and mostly it gave me a chance to express myself without boundaries, something I try to apply to my daily life and work.”

    Pedro’s portfolio is full of typographic experimentation, punchy colours and illustrations that are a little bit mad, a bit scary, a bit funny, and without question totally captivating. Pedro is Co-founder of Steppin Stone, a platform for illustration with an online shop selling prints, clothes, and interestingly a ‘lowbrow illustration’ magazine called Fine Rats.

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    Jan 2013

    Jaime Visedo Cañizares

    jaime-visedo-canizares-001 jaime-visedo-canizares-002 jaime-visedo-canizares-003

    I met Jaime when I was studying animation at KIAD. He was studying in Spain, but came over to England and joined our course for a few months as part of his degree. He put the whole class to shame with his incredible talent and hard work! His versatility is really impressive; he is a great character designer and animator in both 2D and 3D, he draws comics and is a natural story-teller too. He currently works at Kandor Graphics, who are definitely worth checking out and if you’d like to see more of Jaime’s work, visit his blog.

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