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    Oct 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ Gavin Reece

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    Today we are sharing the figurative art of Gavin Reece with you. I’m blown away by his exceptional line art, compositions and of course the rather beautiful women (apologies). He creates stunning book covers as well as fashion illustration. Unfortunately I couldn’t find Gavin’s website online, but you can see plenty of his work at the New Division Illustration Agency website. 

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    Oct 2012

    Melanie Matthews

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    Aussie Melanie is a whiz at children’s style illustration. She also creates hand-lettering, illustrated maps and comic strips. Whatever she turns her hand to, it’s done with care and attention to detail.

    Her clients include Johnson & Johnson, Toys ‘R’ Us and Target.

    For more fun visit Melanie’s website!

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    Oct 2012

    zero2illo Conference

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    Zero2illo is a live event targeted at illustrators looking for opportunities for work. It’s an intimate affair with 10 speakers/panellists in Nottingham, UK on the 10th of November. This year’s theme is Opportunities and Inspiration.

    “We want to explore just how many opportunities still exist for illustrators to earn a living, despite the erosion of and changes in the more traditional industries in which illustration has previously had a strong foothold…”

    Visit the website for more information. We wish this event the best of luck!

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    Oct 2012

    Timothy Banks

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    “Like his ancestor, Davy Crockett, Tim was born on a mountaintop in Asheville, North Carolina. Picking up a crayon at the tender age of three – he never looked back.”

    I am a big admirer of Timothy’s work. I love the sketchy, scribbly marks that magically look so polished and beautiful. His illustrations always capture the mood so well, whatever the subject may be.

    His clients include Nike, Marvel and McGraw-Hill. He has a whole bunch of accolades too; find out more on his website.

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