1. jovo-ve-01

    Jovo Ve

    Illustrator and designer Jovo Ve was born in Macedonia, although moved Göteborg, Sweden when he was very young. Studying both Art and Visual History at Göteborgs University and then Visual Communication at Linnaeus University. Working as a freelance illustrator and Art Director his clients include Moleskine and Adidas. Mr. Ve’s style is brash, very often using flat colour and bold lines, depicting hip and sexy females. See more of his work by popping over to his art blog, Painted Numbers.

  2. yasunari-awazu-05

    Fashion Fridays ~ Yasunari Awazu

    Yasunari Awazu is a Tokyo-based fashion illustrator. Beginning her career in 2008, she has exhibited her work twice including a solo Exhibition in 2010, titled Yasunari Awazu Presense. With a host of clients, including magazines FRaU, VOCE, domani, and department stores Seibu, and Sogo. Awazu’s work is very poetic, letting the brush run free on the page and leaving in colour bleeds and splats. I think I am much more taken by her looser style than when she tightens ups, but both are equally skilled. You can see more of Awazu’s work on her website.

  3. christian-wischnewski-wischnik-001

    Christian Wischnewski aka Wischnik

    Wischnik was born in Wolgast, and now lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His website portfolio is a must-see. It’s full of all sorts of styles and mediums, including vector, animation, collage, traditional inked illustration, digital illustration and even a great little comic strip simply titled ‘Oh’. You can definitely see that this is someone who enjoys their work. And I enjoyed it too.

  4. tyler-parker-001

    Tyler Parker

    Tyler Parker is an illustrator based in Seattle Washington, USA. He has had four children’s books published by MeeGenius (find links to them all here). Tyler’s signature style combines a cut-out style with vibrant colours using simple shapes. His clients include Giant Robot, American Greeting and VT Kids.

  5. kawaii-hannah-001

    Manga Mondays ~ KawaiiHannah

    KawaiiHannah is an Australia based manga artist. She creates some very cute illustrations full of beautiful, vibrant colours. She is also a brilliant pixel artist, so there’s a very generous-sized gallery of animated gifs to browse through, if you like that sort of thing.

  6. kirsten-rothbart-001

    Kirsten Rothbart

    Kirsten Rothbart studies Illustration and Comic Art at the School of Art and Design Kassel in Germany. Her illustrations and short comics serve up some beautiful, colourful inks and unconventionally square-jawed characters that really come together well. I look forward to seeing more of her work, and wonder what subject matter she’ll tackle in her comics…Visit her Behance page, or alternatively her Tumblr.