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    Dec 2012

    Monthly Giveaway! Silhouettes From Popular Culture by Olly Moss


    Thank you to everyone that entered last months 3DTotal giveaway, we had such a great response and really appreciate the support. Thank you to the the 3DTotal team! The winners have now been announced.

    This month we are giving away recently released, and much desired book, Silhouettes From Popular Culture by Olly Moss.

    Book Description:

    Olly Moss has quickly become, according to Slashfilm, one of the most in demand and influential pop culture artists today. For his simple but brilliant first book, Olly has put his own twist on the Victorian art of silhouette portraits. While this gorgeous gift volume might look as if its from the 1890s, its pages contain todays favourite cult characters from movies, TV, comics and videogames.

    For your chance to win a copy, you must simply do two things:

    1. Firstly you need to follow either our Facebook page or our Twitter (if you are not already following us).

    2. Secondly you MUST answer the following question by either pasting the your answer on our Facebook wall or on Twitter using our tag @the_loungers.


    The cover of Silhouettes From Popular Culture features a features a very famous Hollywood character, what is the name of the actress who played her?

    All answers must be in before the 31st of December 2012. A winner will be selected at random and announced on the 1st of January 2013 and contacted via Facebook or Twitter.

    Good Luck!

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    Dec 2012

    Manga Monday ~ Takehiko Inoue

    takehiko-inoue-2 takehiko-inoue-1 takehiko-inoue-3 takehiko-inoue-4

    Takehiko Inoue is possibly best known for his hugely successful basketball manga Slam Dunk. Released in 1990, to date it has sold in excess of 120 million copies, spawning an anime series adaptation, four feature length animations, and numerous video games. Following Slam Dunk, Takehiko Inoue went on to create Eisner-nominated Vagabond. A manga adaptation of the feats of renowned swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. In 2001 Inoue started another basketball-themed manga title, Real. Both series are currently ongoing.

    An absolute master of the brush you can see Inoue at work in various videos online, like this amazing one of him creating a large ink piece for the entrance of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. To get into some of Takehiko Inoue’s work, I strongly recommend picking up a copy of Slam Dunk or one of his very beautiful art books.

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    Dec 2012

    Emile Morel

    emile-morel-001 emile-morel-002 emile-morel-003 emile-morel-004

    We have something a little out of the ordinary to share with you today; feast your eyes on the incredible, often erotic and beautifully grotesque creations from Emile Morel. You’ll find three legged princes, beautiful women with hands for feet, all manner of strange and wonderful plants and animals to shock and inspire. Emile’s fantasies reside in worlds where anything is possible. There is of course inspiration drawn from mythology, used to create something daring and new. See more daring work on Emile’s blog.

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    Dec 2012

    Emma Block

    emma-block-002 emma-block-001 emma-block-003 emma-block-004

    Londoner Emma Block has a really friendly, approachable style of illustration which is carried through in the styling of her blog. First Class Honours in BA Illustration at Middlesex University, and has since gone on to produce a book (Tea and Cake, 2011) as working for several clients including Hardie Grant, Hand in Hand Soap, The British Heart Foundation, Time Out, Hallmark and Moo. Emma also likes to write and has written for The Guardian, Lionheart Magazine, Amelia’s Magazine and The Young Creatives.

    She is currently working on her first children’s book, which I’ll be looking out for! In the mean time, why not visit her Etsy shop for some nice Christmas ideas…

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    Nov 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ Baiba Ladiga

    baiba-ladiga-001 baiba-ladiga-002 baiba-ladiga-003 baiba-ladiga-004

    Fashion illustrator and lecturer Baiba Ladiga is from Latvia and lives in Shanghai. She has over 15 years experience as a designer and stylist, and for the past three years she has been exhibiting and freelancing as a fashion illustrator. She is so creative, using different mediums to great effect.

    Baiba’s clients include Uniqlo, Volkswagen and Cosmopolitan Bride, China.

    Visit her website here, or alternatively visit her blog where she posts her daily fashion illustrations.

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