1. Beth Cavener

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    Beth Cavener is an American artist who creates dramatic animal sculptures that delve into the human psychology. Her work manipulatively applies human behaviours and features onto animal bodies. Her sculptures are often posed in positions of discomfort. Their struggle and subtle familiarities create an instant connection with the viewer. Be it one of sympathy, or more introspective than that, you are arrested with emotion looking at them. Cavener has said this of her work,

    “On the surface, these figures are simply feral and domestic individuals suspended in a moment of tension. Beneath the surface, they embody the consequences of human fear, apathy, aggression, and misunderstanding.”

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  2. Rowland Emett (1906 – 1990)

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    Frederick Rowland Emett was a British draughtsman, inventor, artist, cartoonist, and builder of whimsical mechanical moving sculpture. He established himself as a cartoonist working for Punch magazine during the late 1930s. Emett’s comical and complex illustrations of machines were very popular. He soon began turning his drawings into large three-dimensional machines. He designed a rocket for Shell Oil, the “Forget-Me-Not” computer for Honeywell Computers and the car and inventions that appeared in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968). It has been said, that their joyful nature helped cheer up the nation.

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  3. Sam Pierpoint

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    Sam Pierpoint Bristol-based Illustrator, Designer & Installation Artist. She handcrafts intricate and charming 3D paper sculptures that can seen in advertising campaigns, magazines, packaging and window displays.

    Pierpoint studied Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. She is currently living in the rural countryside just outside of Bristol. Nestled in nature, the idyllic setting regularly inspires and informs her art.

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  4. Manga Mondays ~ Huangh Chern

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    Huangh Chern, also known as huanGH64, is an illustrator and character designer predominantly working in game development. She was a character and color designer for Skvader’s cat detective game, Seeker.

    Chern was born in Taipei, Taiwan and studied at Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School. In 2011, straight after graduating, she worked as 3D Artist at Shinwork, then as a Designer for The Manx Group. Moving on to work as a 2D Artist with browser-based game company, Skvader, she recently joined Rayark Inc.

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  5. The Dam Keeper

    The Dam Keeper is an Oscar-nominated animated short film directed by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi, narrated by Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen (Forbrydelsen; Sherlock). It is Tonko House’s debut film and made its world premiere as an official selection at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival.

    Set in a desolate future, the story follows an introverted young Pig, socially rejected by his peers, living in a windmill and keeping a dark fog from engulfing his town. Despite bullying from his classmates, a new student, Fox, befriends Pig and everything begins to change.

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  6. Do you need to read comics consistently to be good at creating them?

    Injection #8; Black Canary #7; Vision #4; Spidey #3; Outcast #17

    Recently comic book artist Sean Gordon Murphy (Chrononauts; Punk Rock Jesus) tweeted a simple, yet thought-provoking question, “Do you need to read comics consistently to be good at creating them?”

    Although the results were close, of the 331 responses, the majority of voters veered to “No.” This surprised me as my gut instinct was to hit the “Yes” button. But I couldn’t. I froze because I struggled to come up with a strong argument in favour of reading comics consistently.

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  7. Fashion Fridays ~ Sandra Suy

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    Sandra Suy is a fashion illustrator from Spain. The casual elegance of her illustrations has led her to work with fashion brands Chloé, Diesel, L’Oreal, Maxfactor, and Zara.

    Suy was born in 1977 in Barcelona, Spain. She studied fashion design at the art and design school, Escola de la Llotja. After graduating she initially worked in graphic design and textile printing, but soon found her way into fashion illustration. Nowadays, she is represented by top creative agencies Jelly (London), VE Agency (Paris and Brazil), Sunnyday (Spain), and Denki-Mirai (Japan and Asia).

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